How to Make a Dinosaur Bonnet
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How to Make a Dinosaur Bonnet

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

This ter-roar-fic bonnet with stand-out from the rest at Easter and it is really simple to make with a few supplies! There are countless ways to create the foliage for your dino to sit in. What dinosaur would you choose to put on your bonnet?

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How to make

How to Make Dinosaur Bonnet 1

1. Securely glue the maché dinosaur to the top of the bonnet with a glue gun.

2. Securely glue the artificial succulents to the bonnet

3. Using PVA glue, attach the reindeer moss to cover the entire bonnet, building up the foliage in certain areas to make the terrain look uneven! 

4. Attach one or two unhatched white eggs to the bonnet using a glue gun

How to Make Dinosaur Bonnet 2

Step 1 

Find a small plate or bowl that is roughly the same size as the top of your bonnet. Draw around it onto green card and cut out.

Step 2 

Cover one side of the card circle with moss making sure there are no gaps. Glue the cardboard onto the top of the bonnet.

Step 3 

Remove the wire stalks off the leaves and glue them onto the side of the hat. Glue green shredded paper onto the sides of the bonnet to cover the bottom of the leaves. Weave a few plastic leaves into the shredded paper to resemble vines.

Step 4 

Use sharp scissors to cut one of the speckled eggs to created two cracked halves. Cut a dinosaur in half and glue the top half into the cracked egg, then glue the egg onto the rim of the hat. Add a few rose leaves onto the front.

Step 5

Poke a hole in one of the eggs and push the tail (from the dinosaur you cut in half) into the egg so it looks like it is poking out of the egg. Glue a few more eggs onto the rim of the hat.

Step 6 

Glue dinosaurs climbing up the side of the hat and on the top, in the moss.

Step 7 

To make two trees, paint a paper straw brown and leave to dry. Cut 6 palm leaf shapes from green craft foam. Cut the straw in half and glue the leaves onto the top, then glue into the moss on the top of the bonnet.

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