How to Make a Ladybird Costume
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How to Make a Ladybird Costume

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

This no-sew costume is perfect for all those little ladybird fans out there. We’ve used metallic felt but any kind of red fabric would work for the wings.

World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to bring beloved book characters to life, so choose from the stories you love! We've brought together some of our favourites to inspire your creativity and show you how easy these DIY World Book Day costumes will be to create.

Tutorial by @littlebuttondiaries

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You will need

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How to make

You will also need 2m red metallic felt (available in store)

Step 1

Cut strips of red felt and glue these on to the top of the headband. Trim the excess, fold under and glue underneath.

Step 2

Cut little circles from black felt and glue onto the top of the headband.

Step 3

You will need two pom poms for the ladybird’s antennae. To make each one, wrap black wool around your hand about 150 times. Take the bundle off and tie tightly around the middle. Cut through the loops then trim to neaten up.

Step 4

Fold a pipe cleaner and wrap in around the pom pom, twisting it tightly underneath. Attach it to the head band, twisting the ends together underneath. Glue a small piece of felt over the ends of the pipe cleaners.

Step 5

Measure your child’s arm span and cut the metallic felt to this width by 44cm. Fold in half and cut the edges to a curve. Cut up the centre fold leaving 5cm attached at the top to make the wings.

Step 6

Cut 10cm wide spots from black felt and glue onto the wings

Step 7 

Cut 4 pieces of elastic measuring 20cm. Fold two of the pieces and glue the ends to at the edge of the wing. Then glue the other piece of metallic felt onto the back and trim to size.

Step 8 

Glue the remaining pieces of elastic on the inside of the wing, 15cm from the central cut.

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