How to Make a Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet
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How to Make a Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour
Celebrate your annual Easter Bonnet Parade in style by creating this fantastic Mad Hatter inspired bonnet. Bright colours and bold patterns are a perfect match to capture a vibrant and flamboyant character. The Grass Top Hat is the ideal base for creating a miniature world within your bonnet. The Easter Craft Pack has all you need to make fun and colourful Easter bunnies for a magical and whimsical addition. Use Foam Sheets and the free downloadable templates to create these amazing handmade hat elements.

You will need

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How to make


Print the template onto cardstock and cut out the lines to make a sturdy template.


Use pencil to trace the elements onto foam sheets and cardstock, cut around with scissors and with a help of a scalpel to remove the shapes inside.


Glue all the foam and cardstock elements together with tacky glue.


Cut out a feather from purple foam. To give a more realistic look, cut small slits on both sides to imitate the vane.


Cut a rectangle from purple felt and a few black spots to make the spotted bow tie. Cut a small black felt rectangle to make the middle of bow tie. Glue the bow tie together with hot glue gun.


Cut various stripes of 1,5cm from white and black foam; trim the stripes to 2cm pieces. Cut two bands of cardstock and apply doubled-side tape to all surface. Stick all the small black and with rectangle onto the cardstock to make the checked pattern.


To make the funky Bunny you will need one big, one medium e three small pompom felt balls and chenille stems. Use the stems to make the paws and ears; don’t forget to bend over the end to avoid sharp edges. From black foam cut out the eyes and the bunny whiskers. Cut a tiny pink triangle to make the nose.


Remove the cord from the fillable egg and fill the inside with various size felt pompom, use hot glue gun to adhere.


After all elements are made, fix to the Grass Top Hat with hot glue gun. Attach some Daisy felt flowers to the final touch.

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