How to Make a Mini Garden Side Salad
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How to Make a Mini Garden Side Salad

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Kids are not known to be particularly enthusiastic about any form of salad leaves. Creating their very own tiny salad bowl is a great way to encourage them to give them a try without overwhelming them with a huge pile of green stuff!

Sweet and mild pea shoots make a lovely alternative to traditional lettuce too, and adding vegetable flowers and a cheese ladybug makes them extra fun and more attractive to little ones!

This recipe was created with pea shoots that grown in a My Fairy Kitchen Garden.

You will need

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How to make

You will need:

A handful fresh pea shoots

3-4  slices raw carrot

2 slices cucumber

1 mini Babybel cheese

Step 1

Harvest the pea shoots from your fairy garden by cutting near the base of the stem with kitchen scissors.

Place the pea shoots into a cardboard muffin cup or small bowl.

Step 2

Using floral plunger cutters, cut flower shapes from the carrot & cucumber slices.

Step 3

Add the carrot and cucumber flowers to the pea shoots, arranging them on top to look like growing flowers.

Step 4

Make the Babybel ladybird. Start by removing the outer wrapper from the cheese, leaving the wax layer intact.

Using a small round cutter, cut a semicircle from one side of the wax for the head, then remove the wax, leaving the cheese intact.

Step 5

Cut a sharp triangle from the wax, point side towards the semi-circle you just removed. This will form the wings.

Step 6

Using a tiny round cutter or the end of a drinking straw, cut dots from the wax and remove.

Step 7

Add two of the wax dots back onto the cheese in the head area to form the eyes.

Step 8

Pop the cheese ladybird on top of the salad to decorate, then serve immediately.

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