How to Make a Raven Costume
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How to Make a Raven Costume

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1/2 day +

A trick or treat outing around the local neighbourhood wouldn’t be complete without a suitably scary outfit to match!

Make sure you little one stands out from the crowd in this handmade raven costume, complete with feathers covered in spiders and their webs and a feathered mask, perfect for any trick or treat outing!

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How to make

How to Make The Poncho Cape


Cut two rectangles of the black poly-cotton fabric each measuring 70 centimetres long by 35 centimetres wide. This will fit most children, to make it bigger just make the rectangles slightly bigger – always making sure that the long length is exactly double the short length.


Sew one short end of a rectangle to the long end of the other rectangle as shown in the picture. You can hem all the way around the rectangles at this point if you want a neater finish.


Make a feather template by taking a piece of paper/card, and measuring 7 centimetres across. Then measure 13 centimetres down from the centre and cut to a point as show in the photo.


Now to cut the feathers, simply cut 15 centimetre wide strips of fabric out of the longer lengths (you will have to join them at some point so length measurements are not necessary). Fold the fabric in half, and half again, and half again – continue until you have a piece that fits the template you just made.


Cut the fabric to the sides of your template only leaving the top all intact. Then cut your other fabrics ‘feathers’ in the same way. Just cut a couple of strips at a time, as you might not need as much as you think.


Now lay your rectangles out and mark with pins at approximately 5 centimetre intervals as shown below.


You will be sewing your first strip of ‘Feather Trim’ where the black line shows – from the first pin on one edge to the last pin on the other.


Add the second strip in the same way but from the next pin placement, and using one of the other fabrics.


Continue with the remaining strips of trim, alternating the fabrics and matching the pin points as shown. 

You will end up with something like this…


Now to join the whole thing together. You will need to pin your ends as shown in the diagram below. Right side in, but make sure all trim is tucked in and not going to be caught up in the sewing machine.


Trim off an excess poking out and sew the edges together.


Turn the right way in and that is your Halloween Poncho done!

To Make the Mask


Start by painting the mask with the black paint and leave to dry.


Position the feathers on top of the mask, once happy with the positioning use a hot glue gun to secure in place. Note! Be extra careful of fingers here, as the glue gun will be hot!


Whilst the glus is ‘setting’ cut a beak out of black card, by drawing a triangle that is roughly six centimetres wide and ten centimetres tall.


Cut out the triangle, fold in half and secure to the mask using the glue gun.


Cut two lengths of twine and secure on each side on the back of the mask. Leave the glue to ‘set’.

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