How to Make a Worst Witch Costume
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How to Make a Worst Witch Costume

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

This Mildred Hubble outfit is the perfect costume for Worst Witch fans on World Book Day. And you can reuse it for Halloween! Pair the witchy outfit with a grey school pinafore dress, grey top and stripy tights for the complete look. This costume is made on a sewing machine, but you could easily stitch by hand if you have a little more time. This tutorial uses a 3/4in seam allowance unless otherwise stated. 

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Cut a cape shape from black fabric. It should measure about 75cm down the sides, 25cm across the top and 120cm along the bottom.

Step 2

Cut 2 pieces of velcro, about 1in wide. Sew the rough sides to the top corners of the cape. You can then sew the corresponding pieces onto your child’s clothes with a loose stitch that you can easily remove. Here we’ve attached it to a school pinafore dress.

Step 3

Print out the template for the hat and tape it together where indicated. Cut the hat cone and rim pieces from black fabric. Fold the cone of the hat in half, then pin and sew down one side.

Step 4

Turn the cone the right way out. Put it inside the rim of the hat and pin then sew the raw edge of the cone all the way around the inside of the rim.

Step 5

Fold the edges of the rim over by 3/4in and pin - as it is a curve you will need to overlap the folds slightly as you go. Sew, leaving a 3cm opening to allow you to add the wire.

Step 6

Insert the wire into the opening in the rim. Feed it all the way around, then tape the ends together. Sew the opening to seal.

Step 7

To make Tabby, cut out the cat template twice from grey felt. On one of the pieces, mark out a face, tail and legs with a pencil. Sew black buttons on for eyes.

Step 8

Back stitch over the pencil markings using black embroidery thread. Use satin stitch to fill in the nose.

Step 9

Knot the end of some grey embroidery thread. Pull it through from the back of the cat, about 5mm from the edge. Place the other piece of felt underneath and whipstitch the two together, going around the edge. Leave a 10cm opening for stuffing.

Step 10

Stuff the cat with toy stuffing, then whipstitch the opening to seal.

Step 11

Finally, cut a length of red fabric measuring about 200cm x 20cm to make Mildred’s distinctive sash.

Helpful Docs & Software

Worst Witch Template


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