How to Make an Egyptian Costume
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How to Make an Egyptian Costume

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Ancient Egypt was my favourite subject at school, and still holds great fascination. If you're a parent with children studying it, chances are there will be a dress up day at school. Hobbycraft is on hand with a Egyptian costume solution, so put the toilet paper down and try this for size.


Perfect as a school project.

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

Pasta Shapes


Step 1 

Take half a block of Fimo and soften it up by kneading in your hands.

Step 2 

When the Fimo is soft enough to mould, roll it into a thick sausage shape and flatten to desired shape and size.

Step 3 

Using your modelling tool or pencil add a hanging hole at the top and use it to add your hieroglyphic markings.

Step 4 

Place your finished necklace in the oven following the instructions on the packaging for 30 minutes and then leave to cool

Step 5 

To finish the necklace you can seal with Fimo Varnish if you wanted and thread through a length of ribbon.

Neck Plate

Step 1 

Start by cutting the centre out of a paper plate as well as a segment from the edge of the plate.

Step 2 

Paint your neck plate with a main base colour.

Step 3 

Whilst the neck plate is drying paint your pasta shapes, to do this mix equal parts glue and paint as well as adding a lot of glitter and then stir the pasta in.

Step 4 

When the pasta is completely coated in the paint and glitter mix, place each piece onto a plate or sheet of paper to dry, I also added another shake of glitter to the wet pasta for extra sparkle.

Step 5 

Use a felt tip pen add your detailed decorations to the plate.

Step 6 

When you are happy with the more detailed decorations use glue to add your pasta shapes and beads. Leave the completed neck plate to dry.

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