How to Make an Outdoor Bug Game
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How to Make an Outdoor Bug Game

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour
Hooray to the arrival of summer, it's peeping round the corner now and we can't wait. Time for some outdoor games!

This one is very simple to make, requires very few materials and is two games in one! You can either lay twigs out on the floor for a buggy version of noughts and crosses, or place the bug box on the lawn to see who can toss the most bugs in the hole.

Suitable for: Beginners Time taken: One hour

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

10 cork coasters or cardboard cut into circles 

1 small cardboard box 

4 twigs for the noughts and cross game 

Top Tip! Attach a good amount of pom poms to completely fill the hat and make it sturdy. Puff and scrunch the tissue pom poms to fill any spaces.


Begin by painting the coasters. Paint five red and five yellow. Paint several coats to cover the cork evenly.


To create the ladybirds, paint the top third of the coaster black. Draw and colour in black spots with pen and glue on googly eyes.


To create the bees, use a ruler to mark out and paint three narrow black stripes and one larger one at the end. When dry, glue on googly eyes.


To complete the noughts and crosses game, lay out a grid using four twigs or bamboo canes.


To make the bug box, take a cardboard box and paint it white. From green card, cut grass to fit around the bottom of the box and glue on. Cut circles from yellow and red card and use a black pen to draw the bee and ladybird designs. Glue onto the box.

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