How to Sew a Father's Day Rosette
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How to Sew a Father's Day Rosette

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

This Father’s Day rosette is easy to make from felt and is hand stitched for a personal look. We have used yellow, grey and blue colours for this rosette, but you could of course change the colours to any your dad likes, or even to match his favourite sports team! You can glue the felt layers together if you’re doing this with really little crafters or are short on time.

You will need

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How to make

Step 1 

Use the template provided to cut out your rosette pieces. Cut 2 large yellow stars, 1 grey scalloped piece and 1 blue circle.

Step 2

Sew the button onto the middle of the blue circle of felt.

Step 3

In pencil, write ‘Best Dad’ around the button and backstitch the letters using yellow embroidery thread

Step 4

Pin the grey felt onto the back of the blue piece. Sew the two pieces together a few millimetres from the edge of the blue piece of felt using backstitch as before.

Step 5

Pin one of the yellow pieces onto the back of the grey piece and sew together with yellow thread using whip stitch around the edge of the grey piece as shown.

Step 6

Cut two 12cm pieces of grey ribbon and two 10cm pieces of yellow ribbon. Place the yellow on top of the grey ribbon and pin each one 4cm from the bottom of other piece of yellow felt as shown. Sew in place along the top of the ribbons using yellow thread.

Step 7

On the other side of the yellow felt (with the ribbons on), sew the brooch pin onto the centre with yellow thread.

Step 8

Pin the two yellow pieces of felt together, concealing the ends of the embroidery thread and ribbons in the centre. Backstitch together using grey thread a couple of millimetres from the edge of the felt.

Helpful Docs & Software

Rosette Template


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