6 Fun Ideas Using Aquabeads
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6 Fun Ideas Using Aquabeads

Difficulty Beginner
Time 1hour

Aquabeads are a great way to create 3D bead designs in a whole new way! There are many different Aquabeads sets available in our range, so you’ll be all set to find something to spark your creativity. These projects are great for developing fine motor skills and coordination, while holding kids’ concentration – meaning you can steal a moment for a precious cuppa!

Find inspiration for Aquabeads bookmarks, badges, handmade cards and more!

Top tip: Always start by making your Aquabeads designs by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Project and instructions by Georgia Coote.

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How to make


This is the perfect choice for little bookworms. The bookmarks will make fantastic party favours or thank you gifts, and you can personalise them by writing on the stick. They can also be used to help you mark your page! 

How to Make

Squeeze a blob of glue onto the end of the lolly stick, then place on your Aquabeads creation and leave to dry. You may need to place something heavy, like a book, on it to ensure it stays flat.

2. Badges

Who doesn’t love a good badge?! These are fantastic as an activity to do with kids at a party or on-the-go as you don’t need wait for anything to dry – just peel, stick and you’re good to go!

How to Make

Peel the backing off of the badge pin and stick on to your Aquabeads piece firmly.

Top tip: Solid designs make sturdier badges so try to avoid using creations that have finer points. If you wanted to make the badges hardier you could apply superglue to the broochpin to give them a longer life.

3. Gift Box

This spotty Aquabeads-topped giftbox is such a happy little project, perfect for giving a loved one a fun surprised that's perfectly packaged. The sticker spots complement the Aquabeads design. As well as for gifting, this box will be ideal for holding tiny treats or trinkets.

How to Make

1. Apply the stickers randomly over the box, leaving a space roughly in the centre for your Aquabeads piece.

2. Put a blob of glue roughly the size of the Aquabeads in the centre of the lid of the box and place the Aquabeads shape on top.

Top tip: You may need to place something on top of the box while the glue is drying to ensure the Aquabeads stay flat.

4. Greetings Cards

These cards are so unique, they're such a quick and easy way to make really impressive cards. I like to keep a stock of blank cards to hand so that we can add our Aquabeads and have thank you cards whenever we need them.

How to Make

1. Put a blob of glue on the card roughly where you want the shape to be and place on the Aquabeads. You may need to place something heavy on top to ensure the Aquabeads stay flat.

2. Stamp on your greeting.

5. Aquabeads-Topped Storage Jar

This pretty little jar is just the thing for storing your stray Aquabeads, or any other kind of small craft items you may have. They also make quirky spice jars!

How to Make

1. Put a blob of glue on the jar lid and place on the Aquabeads.

Top tip: You may need to place something heavy onto the Aquabeads to ensure they stay flat while drying.

6. Gift Tags

These gift tags are the perfect way to personalise your gift wrapping. The beads stand out well against the tags and are fabulous little keepsakes.

How to Make

1. Put a small blob of glue onto the gift tag and then place on the Aquabeads shape.

Top tip: You may need to place something heavy on the Aquabeads to ensure they stay flat.

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