Spiderweb Face Paint Tutorial
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Spiderweb Face Paint Tutorial

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour


It’s nearly time for Halloween – and who could resist this sweet, spidery project? If you’re looking for something a bit less gruesome than the usual nightmarish garb, then this glittery spiderweb face paint tutorial is a rather glam alternative!

You will need

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How to make


Sponge the Sparkle Lilac base around the top of the eyes and cheekbones.


Using a medium paintbrush and the Electric Black, paint curved lines out from the eyebrows and down along the cheekbones. Then paint curved lines in between these to create the look of a cobweb.


Keeping the same brush and black, paint a wiggly line from behind the ear down the neck.


Add the spiders, you can have as many spiders as you want – I did one in the middle of the nose and two at the end of the cobweb on the neck. To create the spiders paint one larger circle for the body and a smaller one for the head. Use a long, thin brush and press the brush onto the skin to create dashes of black paint for the legs. Paint each leg with two/three dashes to create the joints in the spider’s legs. Paint the four front legs facing upwards from the body and the four back legs the opposite way, facing downwards.


If you want more detail, add decorative black dots underneath the eyebrows


Using the Light Grey and a smaller brush outline the curved lines in the cobwebs and add a bit of paint on the spider’s body to create a bit of depth.


Next, using the white and a smaller brush, paint alongside all the black lines in the cobweb to create some highlights. Add some white at the bottom of the spiders body and head, and along the joints in the legs. Paint dots in the middle of the forehead, and along the edges of the web for added detail.


Finally decorate with glitter (I say the more glitter the better… it looks good dotted on the bodies of the spiders and around the eyes and cheekbones to add extra sparkle!)

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