How to Crochet a Cactus
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How to Crochet a Cactus

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

Have some fun and make yourself a crochet cactus! Designed by Laura Sutcliffe who is an avid crocheter that loves to make miniature creatures.

You will need

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How to make


Ch = chain stitch
St = stitch / stitches
Sl st = slip stitch
Dc = double crochet
Inc = increase (2 double crochet stitches worked into a single stitch)
Dec = decrease
Tr = Treble crochet
Dtr = Double treble crochet
BLO = Work into the back loop only
(dc, inc) around = a dc then an inc, repeat this until the round is complete
[?] = total number of stitches you should have in the completed round (not including any chains)
YO = yarn over
FO = Finish off

Pattern Notes:
This pattern is worked in either continuous rounds (with no joining), or rows. Please check the notes for each section.
If you have any questions regarding this pattern, please email Laura.sutcliffe@hotmail.com and Iwill get back to you as soon as possible.


Soil In brown, make 1 piece. Continuous rounds (no joining). Use a 4mm hook. Round 1: In brown, ch2, dc 6 into 2nd chain from hook You can use the magic ring method if you prefer [6] Round 2: Inc around [12] Round 3: (Inc, dc) around [18] Round 4: (Dc, inc, dc) around [24] Round 5: (Inc, dc 11) around [26] Sl st into next stitch, FO and weave in the ends The diameter of your piece should just fit inside the top of the plant pot at this point


In green, make 1 piece. Worked in rows. Use a 2.5mm hook. Row 1: Ch 16, starting in the 2nd st from the hook, dc 15, ch 1, turn [15] Rows 2 – 31: (30 rows) BLO dc 15, ch1, turn [15] FO leaving a long tail of yarn for later assembly


Flower: In your choice of flower colour, make 2 pieces. Use a 2.5mm hook. Round 1: Ch2, dc 10 into 2nd chain from hook.


You can use the magic ring method if you prefer. [10] Round 2: * Sl st into the next st, then ch 1, work both a tr and a dtr into the same st that you just sl st into, work both a dtr, and a tr into the next st, ch 1 -Repeat from the * a total of 5 times to create 5 petals. FO leaving a tail of yarn for later assembly (see photo).


Small Plant Section In green, make 1 piece. Worked in rows. Use a 2.5mm hook. Row 1: Ch 10, starting in the 2nd st from the hook, dc 9, ch 1, turn [9] Rows 2 – 20: (19 rows) BLO dc 9, ch1, turn [9] FO leaving a long tail of yarn for later assembly


Assembly: The first step is to sew the ends of your large plant section together, as shown, to form a tube shape.


Then, pass the needle through the end of each ridge of stitches (keeping the needle as close to the end of the row as possible). When you have passed the needle all of the way around, pull the yarn tight forming the top of your cactus. There will be a small hole in the centre so don’t worry about this!


Next, weave your needle down to the bottom edge repeat this process for the bottom edge of your cactus. In this instance, only tighten the yarn very slightly, leaving a large hole as shown.


Leave the remaining yarn tail as you will need this later! Add some stuffing which should make your cactus a nice round shape. Sew on the flower (to cover the small hole at the top of the plant).


Repeat these steps with the small plant section and the 2nd flower. Then sew the small plant section onto the large plant section – position this as high up as possible. This helps to ensure that the plant isn’t too heavy on one side, as this may make it topple over when it’s in the pot.


Now it’s time to sew the plant to the centre of the soil section. To decorate the pot, tear some decopatch paper into small pieces. Using a paintbrush, paint some decopatch glue onto a section of the pot, then add a piece of the paper and then paint over this again with more glue. Repeat this process until the pot is completely covered.


Ensure to cover the top edge of the pot with paper and just inside the top edge of the pot too. Leave it to dry. Add some stuffing to the pot


Finally, using more decopatch glue, paint a thick layer of glue around the inside top edge of the pot as well as onto the underside of your soil section. Stick the plant into the pot and leave it to dry.


Congratulations your cactus is now finished! I hope you have enjoyed making it but if you have any questions or comments then please email me at Laura.sutcliffe@hotmail.com.

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