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How To Make The Pocket Rocket Wrap Scarf

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1+ Days

You will need

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How to make


Ch = chain

Dc = double crochet (US single)

Tr = treble crochet (US double)

Ss = slip stitch

St = stitch

FO = fasten off


Changing yarns: you will need to change to a new ball of yarn several times during this project, I recommend doing this on a dc stitch to keep the fabric tight. Here’s how I do it:

Start your dc stitch, hook through st, yarn over, pull up loop (2 on hook). Instead of completing the stitch with your current yarn, use your new ball to yarn over and complete the dc. Continue to crochet with your new ball of yarn. Weave in ends, don’t be tempted to cut short.

Step 1 

Using yarn A and 8mm hook ch 19

ROW 1: 1dc into 2nd Ch from hook, 1tr, 1dc, 1tr… alternate 1dc, 1tr to end of row ending on a 1dc. (17sts)

ROW 2: ch2, 1tr, 1dc, alternate between 1tr and 1dc to end of row, end on 1dc.

ROW 3 – 158: repeat row 2, weave in ends.

Your scarf should measure 2.60m long or there about. If it is coming up short you can add a few more rows.

Step 2



Lay your scarf flat and fold up each end towards centre by 22cm to create your pockets. Attach your yarn to the bottom right corner of the pocket and dc up the seam. When you get to the top of the pocket turn and ss across the opening. Dc seam together down the left-hand side of the pocket, FO and weave in ends. Repeat for the 2nd pocket.

Step 3 


Take your Hayfield Bonus DK and cut 45cm lengths. Take 4 lengths and fold in half. Using your hook, pull through the looped ends through (from wrong side of pocket to right side) stitch gaps at the bottom of your pocket. Pull through enough loop to thread the ends through and pull to secure. Repeat all the way along bottom of both pockets.

Now you are done, wrap it round yourself tuck your hands into your pockets and feel the cosy!

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