How to Make Yarn-Wrapped Candy Canes
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How to Make Yarn-Wrapped Candy Canes

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1/2 day +

These yarn-wrapped candy canes are a perfect tree decoration, the perfect way to spruce up your table décor or even a great way to embellish your beautifully wrapped gifts. They’ll add beautiful, contemporary touches to your Christmas celebrations.

Follow these very simple step-by-step instructions to create your very own yarn-wrapped candy canes.

Project and instructions by Lucy @peasandneedles.

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How to make

Step 1

To create your yarn wrapped candy cane you will need to cut 5 lengths of your macrame string to 30cm. If you want to make them chunkier you will just need to cut more string. Cut 2 pieces of wire a little bit shorter than the string.

Step 2

Tape your string and wire together roughly 5cm from each end. Make sure that you tape the wire and string nice and tight.

Step 3

To start wrapping your string and wire, take one end of your yarn and lay alongside the string bundle. Holding it all between your thumb and fingers, start to wrap the yarn around the string, making sure you catch your yarn end with it.

Step 4

Keep wrapping towards the other end of the string. You might find it easier turning it around the other way once you reach halfway.

Step 5

Once you have wrapped 20cm, trim the yarn and sew back through the wrapped wool.

Step 6 

Trim off your yarn close to the wrapped string.

Step 7

You will want to trim your wire that is left on each end. Separate the wire from the string and with a sharp pair of scissors trim it as close to the wrapped yarn as possible.

Step 8

To create the stripe on your candy canes, tie with one knot two pieces of cream wool to one end of your wrapped string bundle.

Step 9

Sew the shorter ends back through your wrapped yarn and trim off.

Step 10

Slowly and carefully wrap your two strands of yarn around your string bundle. Take your time with this step, try to keep the yarn flat and not twisted, also try to keep the spacing even as you wrap around.

Step 11

Once you reach the other end, tie off the yarn by tying a knot around the string. Sew the ends in as you did at the beginning and trim off.

Step 12

Once you are happy with your wrapped bundle you now need to bend the top over to create your candy cane shape. Trim the macrame string that’s showing so it is 1.5cm. You can comb these little sections to create little fluffy ends.

Step 13

You could create all sorts of different colour combinations, why not try creating a cream candy cane with multi coloured stripes. You will just need to wrap 3 different colours instead of just the one.

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