The Emma Jewell Christmas Collection
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The Emma Jewell Christmas Collection

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Hobbycraft are proud to present Emma Jewell's curated Christmas Collection. Emma has taken inspiration from vintage chandeliers and luggage tags to style her collection, using kraft crackers, ceramic shaped baubles, and a polystyrene wreath as the bases for each make. The base colour palette used is navy and light pink, with accents of silver and gold. Of course, she had to add in as much glitter and sparkle as possible- it is Christmas after all! Find out more about Emma Jewell by reading her Meet the Maker on the Hobbycraft blog » Hobbycraft have challenged a group of makers with hugely varying styles of working to create their own collection using core Christmas bases and decorative components of their choice. The breadth of work received has been something to behold, with the personalities of each individual shining through their collections!

How to Make the Crackers:




1. Paint two crackers with brushstrokes of navy paint.

2. Tear off two strips of gold glitter card, making a rough edge. Wrap around two of the crackers and stick on.

3. Cut a length of wire about 15cm long, thread around 7 beads onto it.

4. Spread the beads out, Then start bending the wire into five points, leaving a tail of about 5cm.

5. Join the end to the tail to create a star shape.

6. Add to the plain crackers with washi tape. Add a blob of glue gun glue underneath to secure.

7. Thread beads onto a length of wire and wrap around the blue painted crackers, twist the ends together to secure.

8. Add gems to the all of the crackers.



How to Make the Baubles:


1. Pick two decorations. Cover the decorations in glue then in glitter, repeat this process until all of the decoration is covered in glue. Add a coat of glue on top once dry to seal in the glitter.

2. For the remaining decorations paint two completely in the pink and then the blue paint. Then for the last two decorations, paint the bottom half of each decoration, using rough brush strokes to get a cool effect.

3. Thread three beads on to the twine then tie it on to each decoration replacing the ribbon that they came with. Thread at least 11 beads onto the thread, using the needle to make it easier to thread them.

5. Then add a little glue from a glue gun to the bottom and top beads to make them stay on the thread. Cut the embroidery thread at the top and bottom.

6. Add a generous blob of glue from the glue gun to the top bead and glue onto the bottom centre of each decoration. Hold it in place until the glue is dry.



How to Make the Wreath:


1. Paint your wreath with the Navy acrylic paint. Be sure to do at least two coats so all of the wreath is covered.

2. Start decorating your kraft tags. Start by brushing PVA glue on to the tags and covering with Pink and silver glitter. It’s best to do this over a plate or bowl so that you can save the residual glitter.

3. Brush some of the tags with brushstrokes of pink or blue paint. Keep it rough and use different techniques to give a variety of looks.

4. Stamp a deer motif onto the tags- play with stamping the deer on the edges of the tags to give different simple looks.

5. Gather your embellishments, card and paper and start decorating each tag. Keep it simple and set yourself rules, so that all of the tags have an overarching theme. For example, I made sure I kept everything horizontal or vertical and kept to the three colours pink, navy and gold.

6. Use a glue gun to glue the tags to the wreath starting from the inside, I used some blank ones to provide a good base before arranging my decorated tags on top.

7. Add twine to the top of your wreath so that you can hang it, before adding tags over the top.




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