4 Easy Mother's Day Cards to Make
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4 Easy Mother's Day Cards to Make

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Strapped for time and lacking a card for mum? Never fear, Hobbycraft are here, with these easy Mother's Day cards that you can whip up on no time with a few papercraft basics!

Tutorials and step by step photos by Emily Dawe.



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How to make

Flamingo Card:

1. Take one large and one small pale pink foam heart, position them both at angles and glue in place.

2. Using our photo as a guide, lightly draw the long necks, head and beak of the flamingos, then draw the legs.

3. Once you are hapy with how they look, go over the pencil outline with a black fine line pen. Rub out any pencil marks, then shade in with pink colouring pencil.

4. Pick up the ‘I’ letter stamp, press it into the ink pad then onto a scrap piece of paper first to practice. Once you are happy with the amount of pressure the stamp needs, start stamping ‘I LOOK UP TO YOU’ just below the baby flamingo. And stamping ‘MUM’ just above.

5. Use the black fine line pen to draw three dots after ‘MUM’ and a small heart at the end of the message.

6. Cut a strip of pink glitter washi tape slightly longer than the width of the card and stick in place. Either trim the edges or fold the tape round to the back

7. Finally glue and stick one small bright pink heart to the mummy flamingo.

Stickers Card:

1. Cut out the words ‘BEST’ and ‘EVER’ from the stickers and lay them on the card front.

2. Then cut out the word ‘MUMMY’ (or mum if you prefer!) from the gold foil alphabet thick-ers. Carefully peel off the backs of the stickers and secure in place. It’s best to start with MUMMY first, so you can line it up roughly in the middle.

3. Start layering up the white paper blossoms, one on top of each other. Then glue two layered flowers one in either corner of the message.

4. Finally apply a little glue to the backs of the small star florettes, positioning three in the top right corner and just one in the bottom left.

Floral Card:

1. Take a piece of pretty floral paper from the paper pack. Using a ruler and pencil, measure and mark the size of your card blank on the back.

2. Carefully cut out with scissors, or you can use a craft knife and ruler for a neater edge. Then stick to the card front, pressing out any air bubbles. Trim edges if needed.

3. Draw round a mug onto a piece of white paper, or use the back of the patterned paper. Cut out with scissors and glue to the centre of the card.

4. Cut out the word MUM from the pink alphabet stickers and ‘this is your day’ from the clear stickers, and arrange within the white circle.

5. Once you are happy with the positioning, peel off the backing from all the stickers and press down.

6. Start arranging large paper flowers around the message, following the curve of the circle.

7. Finally add some smaller flowers on either side of the larger flowers, and glue everything in place.

Paper Punch Card:

1. Use the paper punch to punch out hearts from a selection of the patterned papers.

2. Write a letter with a black fine line pen onto the paper hearts, to spell out ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’

3. Arrange the hearts on the front of the card, once you are happy with the arrangement stick the hearts in place.

4. Draw the strings between the balloons with a pencil first.

5. Finally go over the pencil lines with a black fine line pen. When the ink is dry, rub out any pencil that are still visible.

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