How to Create Snail Mail
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How to Create Snail Mail

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time < 1 hour

Project and how-to make instructions by Jennifer Harper

Keep the art of snail mail truly alive with this fold and write stationery set! Never worry about not finding an envelope again; this stationery is both writing paper and an envelope in one! With a few careful scores and a handful of little snips, you can transform a simple piece of paper into a mail-able letter, guaranteed to bring your loved ones joy. Better still, this stationery is fully customisable and can be decorated with your recipient in mind. If you find yourself with a huge stash of stickers and other fun embellishments, put them to good use in this project!

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How to make

Step 1

Take a piece of scrapbooking paper, cut to 8 x 12″. With the paper laying landscape, score at 1 inch and 7 inches. Then turn the paper so that it is laying portrait and score at 1 inch and 6 ½”. You could use a score board to do this, or you could measure and fold using a ruler. Using the image as a guide, cut away the shaded areas and trim the corners to create tabs.

Top Tip: Choosing paper that is pattered on one side and plain on the other will allow you to create something that looks beautiful, whilst still having a clear space to write your message!

Step 2

Write your message on the blank side, leaving the tabs free. Once you have written your message, use double-sided tape on the tabs to seal your stationery. If you don’t have double-sided tape, you could use a glue stick instead.

Top Tip: Why not include photos, or other small, sentimental items with your snail mail?

Snail mail

Step 3

Cut a strip of card for the recipient’s name and address and adhere it to the front of the envelope. If you’re sending your snail mail through the post, make sure you write the address clearly and leave space for a stamp! Embellish your snail mail with stickers, washi tapes and any other embellishments you might have.

Top Tip: So that you can send your snail mail as a first-class letter, make sure it is less than 0.5cm thick!

Snail mail


If you’re wary of writing on unlined paper, you could draw some faint lines in pencil to guide you. These can easily be rubbed out when you have written your message in pen. Or, you could create a line guide on the computer, print it out and use it to guide your writing. Simply paperclip the guide to the back of your stationery and hold if up against a lightbox or window so that the lines shine through.

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