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How to Make a Christmas Easel Card

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

You will need

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How to make


Begin by trimming off 6.2cm along the length of an A4 sheet of white textured card, leaving a piece 14.8cm wide. Score and valley fold to make a square top-fold card blank with the textured surface on the inside. Repeat this with a second sheet of white textured card, but this time score a mountain fold so the textured surface in on the outside of the top-fold card.


Die cut a 13cm diameter circle aperture in the centre of the textured card front. Also die cut two 13cm diameter circle frames from kraft card to edge the card aperture.


Glue the two kraft frames together, and glue this in place around the aperture on the textured card front.


Trim a 14.4cm square from green snowflake patterned paper. Matt this into place on the top textured surface, inside of the smooth card blank. Trim another piece of the same patterned paper 14.4 x 9.5cm. Matt this on the bottom textured surface against the top fold, leaving a spare white strip at the bottom.


Use the Christmas sentiment die to die cut into a piece of spare white card. Cut again in the smooth side of a sheet of dark red textured card. Using the white die cut, fill back in the banner letters and stars with waste from the red die cut. Using the red die cut as a guide, cut two banner shaped pieces from spare white card to fix on the reverse holding the red letters and stars in place.


Glue the two card sections together creating an easel card.


Cut off about a 15 cm length of invisible thread. Trim from white paper another backing piece for the large banner of the die cut sentiment. Apply some tacky glue to the top curve of the kraft frame from 11 to 1 o’clock. Fix down the middle section of the thread into the glue and hold in place with three tiny pieces of paper. Secure the ends of the thread to the back of the large banner using tacky glue and the paper backing piece. Allow enough thread between the sentiment banner and the kraft frame to enable the die cut to hang freely within the circle aperture. Allow to dry.


Die cut a third kraft aperture frame, and glue in place as before.


Die cut three kraft snowflakes using one of the dies from the snowflake pack. Choose the one that looks most like the snowflakes in the patterned paper.


Punch three white stars using the palm punch traditional star cutter. Also die cut three more dark red stars from the sentiment die. Mount the red star on top of the white star, and fix onto the centre of the three kraft snowflakes.


Trim with scissors a row of houses from the other side of the snowflake patterned paper. This needs to be long enough to be placed inside the base of the circle aperture. Trim a second row of houses 14.4cm long, including a 2 cm base area to be folded underneath. 


Next cut a rectangle from white card measuring 14.4 x 6cm. Cover the top surface with wreath patterned paper leaving a 1.5cm strip along the top edge. Trim a narrow strip of the same paper to cover the back section of the folded row of houses to pattern match and cover the remaining white strip on the prepared rectangular piece.


Tie two pieces of twine through a white wooden outline star, like you would thread a tag. Thread three red mini bells onto another piece of twine and tie this the same way to another outline star.


Glue the single threaded star to the back of the card at the top right hand corner. Allow the star to hang over the top fold. Cover the twine ends with an additional strip of textured white card across the back, about 2cm deep.


Glue the ends of the other threaded star around the back of the prepared rectangular piece. Position the star in the centre of the wider area in front of the houses, and spread out the twine to reveal the Noel words. Fix this prepared panel to the base of the card using 3D foam pads to act as a stopper for the easel front.


Fix the shorter row of houses inside the circle aperture with foam pads. Glue in place the three kraft snowflakes around the frame.


Lastly, decorate the card with foam sticker sliver stars. Place these in the top corners, over the white stars on the die cut sentiment, and one with-in the wooden outline star at the front of the card.

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