How to Make a Christmas Shaker Card
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How to Make a Christmas Shaker Card

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1 hr +

If you’re looking for a fun and alternative card design for your loved ones this Christmas, then this papercraft project is just for you! Using your die-cutting machine, you’ll be able to mesmerise your loved ones with this playful Reindeer shaker card design.

Use your favourite festive die designs to create a whole collection of shaker cards for your family and friends this Christmas!

Project and instructions by Sue Smith

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

* A craft knife

Step 1

Begin by choosing a sheet of the darkest green card from the aquas pad, and a sheet of fir tree patterned paper from the A6 pad.

Step 2

Trim the green paper to size around the reindeer embossing folder and emboss through your die cutting machine. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut away the central area, creating a window for the shaker compartment. Neaten up the edges leaving a little border around the embossed frame.

Step 3

Lightly rub in some gold gilding polish across to top of the raised areas, and the cut edges.

Step 4

Trim a sheet of cream coloured plain vellum to fit over the A6 patterned paper. This will mute the background, allowing the caption to show up more clearly.

Step 5

Stamp the caption onto the vellum towards the top but allowing room for the embossed frame to sit over it. Use embossing ink and sprinkle over gold embossing powder. Shake the excess off, and heat set with a heat gun.

Step 6

Trim four frame pieces from the same dark green card. Cut them to a width of 24 mm by the exact lengths of the prepared front panel.

Score each one length wise into three sections of 8 mm and fold. The top tabs may need trimming so they don’t show past the embossed frame when glued in place.

Also, cut four pieces from black adhesive foam measuring the width of the front panel by 30 mm high. These will be used to pack out the bottom of the shaker compartment.

Step 7

Apply tiny amounts of glue from a glue stick on the underside of the caption lettering, trying not to allow the glue to show through from the front.

Fix into place over the patterned paper. Also apply tiny amounts of glue on the very edge of the vellum and press to hold. Trim a sheet of acetate the same A6 size.

Step 8

Glue and fix into place all four frame pieces to the underside of the embossed panel.

Apply glue to the underside of the frame and embossed panel to fix the acetate sheet into place.

One by one, remove the backing paper from the foam pieces, stacking them up together. Then fix into place in the lower section of the card.

Fill the shaker compartment with a generous amount of gold bells and sequins.

Step 9

Apply glue to the inside of the top frame tab and insert the prepared vellum backing paper to hold in place. Then add glue to the side tabs. Slide a ruler inside the card from the bottom to support the tabs towards the top when pressing down to fix into place.

Glue and fix the bottom tab.

Lastly, apply glue to the front of the kraft card blank, and fix the back of the shaker box.

Step 10

After the glue has set, the reindeer shaker card is now complete and ready to shake!

How to Make a Christmas Shaker Card

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