How to Make a Cut and Emboss Watercolour Card
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How to Make a Cut and Emboss Watercolour Card

Create a delicate, embossed thank you card that echoes springtime feelings by following the below tutorial. This tutorial will explain how to use the embossing folder within your die cutting machine, and how to then accentuate the embossed illustration using watercolour brush markers.

How to make


Begin by running the floral frame embossing folder through your die cutting machine with a sheet of watercolour paper.


Add a delicate watercolour effect to the embossed areas of the frame, by working similar types of leaves and flowers at a time. To start with, colour the fern like leaves in a cool bluey green colour. Pick a turquoise, a cool green and an earthy green coloured pen. Use these three pens to colour small parts of the fern leaves. Then go over these using a waterbrush to blend all the colours together creating a light, varied, cool green fern.


Next, add a warmer green colour to all the thin leaves. Choose a yellow, a bright green and a dark green pen to work smaller areas as before. Again brush over these leaves with the waterbrush to blend.


In the same way, colour the small leafy sprig using two pens. Pick a yellow and a bright green coloured pen. Work over these leaves with the waterbrush to blend as before.


Choose three more colours to work the berry sprig. A yellow, and a pale muted green for the berries, together with a soft brown for the stems. Work over with the waterbrush again.


Now that all the foliage areas are complete. Enjoy adding colour to all the flower blooms. Choose a soft orange, a pink, and a maroon coloured pen. Create some depth to the blooms by using maroon towards the bottom, and the orange towards the top areas. Blend with the waterbrush to colour over each tiny embossed flower head.


Trim the outer edges of the watercolour embossed panel so that it is slightly smaller than the card front. Place to one side.


Print off the lettering template, and use this as a guide to create a hand lettered caption to fill the aperture. Use the brush tip of a green pen, to write straight onto the card blank front. Add more pressure on the downward strokes creating a thicker line. Use lighter pressure on all the upward strokes for a finer line to complete the brush lettered look.


Secure the embossed watercolour to the front of the card blank with 3D adhesive foam pads.

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