How to Make a Die-cut Fairy Mobile
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How to Make a Die-cut Fairy Mobile

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1/2 day +

Project and how-to make instructions by Cal Summers

Use your favourite Intricut dies to make the prettiest of fluttering feathery fairy mobiles! This design will work well with any of your favourite dies if fairies aren't your thing - all you need is a little patience!

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How to make



Step 1

Start by choosing your cardstock colours, I chose three – one white and two pinks to give my mobile a bang on trend ombre effect.

Step 2

The first thing to do is to die cut all of your shapes. I created nine drops with about five die cuts per drop. The lovely thing about the fairy in a jar die was I got two die cuts for the price of one – I cut once and could cut both a fairy and a flower from one cut. However, bear in mind you will need double the number of die cuts as we sandwich the thread between two of the cut outs. So, if you are making the same fairy mobile as me you will need a total of 90 die-cut shapes to make 45 shapes for your drops (that’s a LOT of die cutting but so worth it in the end).

Fairy mobile

Step 3

To give yourself a break from the die-cutting cover the inside solid ring of your embroidery hoop with ribbon.

Top Tip – You can use the outside of your hoop for one of the popular hanging scrapbook layouts that everyone is making at the moment – two projects for the price of one! If you run double sided tape along the outside of the hoop it gives a great base for your ribbon to stick to and you don’t have glue showing through if you use wet glue that will discolour your ribbon.

Fairy mobile

Step 4

When you have done this, you need to make a ribbon cross across the centre of your hoop and also use ribbon to make the hanger – I used four drops and tied them to form a loop for hanging at the top. I also made four small bows (optional) but put these to one side because they are easiest to add at the end after we have secured our drops.

Fairy mobile

Step 5

Next, take a length of invisible thread – the length you use will depend on how long you want your drops to be but for example, I used pieces of thread that were approximately 15-16 inches long. First thread a needle with the thread and push through the shaft of a feather and tie securely.

Decide then how you want each of your drops to look, I found a mix of the die cuts at different places on the drop worked best. When you have decided what goes where stick a tiny piece of double-sided tape to the centre of your die cut and attach the thread to it, so it goes through the centre of your die cut. Making sure you have the right side put some tacky glue onto the twin of the die cut and line up over the top of the first, so you sandwich the invisible thread in the between the two die cut shapes. Do this for all nine drops – however my central drop used no feather but the whole die cut of the fair in the jar.

Step 6

Next, we have to attach the drops to the hoop. Once again thread the invisible thread through a needle and pull though the ribbon on the inside of the hoop. Tie securely and trim off any long ends. Tie the central drop around the cross of the ribbon in the middle of the hoop.

Step 7

Finish off your mobile by gluing the bows you made earlier to the outside of the hoop evenly spaced.

Fairy mobile

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