How to Make a Foiled Scrapbook Cover
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How to Make a Foiled Scrapbook Cover

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1 hr +

Use embossing powders to create a gorgeous, personalised front cover for your next scrapbook adventure! With the Versamark Brush Pen you're able to create fluid brush marks that step outside the constraints of stamps and stamp pads. Follow the tutorial below to find out how it's done!

Project and how-to make instructions by Sue Smith

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How to make

You will also need:

Circular nesting dies

Top tip! Before working with the scrapbook, untie the white ribbon and tape each length to the inside of the cover to keep it neatly out of the way.

Step 1

Begin by planning the cover design by using tracing paper. With a pencil or the black brush pen, roughly draw a double circular pattern to sit at three places around the edges of the front cover. Also, plan and write in a brush lettering style the caption to sit centrally amongst the curved patterns.

Foiled scrapbook

Step 2

 Scribble over the lettering on the reverse side with a soft pencil. This is to prepare to transfer the caption onto the front cover.

Foiled scrapbook

Step 3

Position the caption onto the front of the cover and hold in place with a small piece of craft tape. Using the pencil, draw around the lettering to mark guide lines onto the cover. 

Foiled scrapbook

Step 4

Using the Versamark watermark brush pen, write the first word directly onto the cover. Sprinkle with silver embossing powder and shake off the access.

Foiled scrapbook

Step 5

Repeat for the rest of the caption, taking one word at a time. With the brush remove any stray powder and heat to set. Work as quickly as possible so not to damage the cover itself. 

Foiled scrapbook

Step 6

Make a stencil from acetate to create the foiled curved patterns. Select four circle nesting dies with diameters roughly measuring 4 cm, 7.5 cm, 10.5 cm, and 14 cm. Position all the dies inside each other, equidistant, face down onto a sheet of acetate. Hold in place with craft tape.

Foiled scrapbook

Step 7

Die cutting half way across the dies cutting semicircles only. With a craft knife, cut away the middle two rings to leave the centre intact, together with a middle section, and the outer area. Cut off the un-wanted outer area to leave a 3 cm border all round. The stencil is now ready to use, and keep hold of the two loose rings to replace back in when needed. 

Foiled scrapbook

Step 8

Use the stencil by first adding back in the larger ring, holding it in place with craft tape. Position the stencil onto the cover at the right hand corner, again holding in place with more craft tape. Stroke the Versamark watermark stamp pad directly over the stencil to add ink into the smaller curved section. Carefully remove the stencil, and sprinkle with gold embossing powder. Lightly brush away any stray powder, including some of the powder on the very edge of the cover. Heat to set.

Step 9 

Swap the stencil inserts over. Position it back in the same area to ink the larger curved pattern. Remove and sprinkle with copper powder this time. Brush away un-wanted powder as before and heat to set.

Foiled scrapbook

Step 10

Repeat this process for the pattern in the top right hand corner, but use opposite colours. Hold the stencil down close to the ring binder to get a neat finish to the foiling.

Step 11

Finish the design by repeating the foiling in the bottom right hand corner. 

Step 12

The cover may need a gentle wipe with a damp baby wipe to remove any fine dust.

Foiled scrapbook

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