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How to Make a Multi-aperture Star Card

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

Create a shaker card with a difference with this inventive star card with removable star decoration! Perfect for intermediate to advanced card makers looking for something a little bit different to send to their nearest and dearest this Christmas.

Project and how-to make instructions by Sue Smith.

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How to make


Begin by matting the front of a 5 x 7” card blank with navy blue geometric patterned paper, leaving a 5mm border.


Trim a sheet of texture white card slighter larger than the matted layer, but still leaving a border of 3mm from the card blank. Die cut two star shapes using the mini decorative star die. Place the centre of die about 5.7cm up from the bottom edge for the lower star, and about 7.7cm placement for the higher star. Keep the lower star die cut to one side.


Cut a sheet of acetate to cover the reverse of both star apertures. Fix in place using tacky glue. Use 3D foam tape and squares to fully surround each star on the reverse. Also add foam tape around the outer edges to support the whole panel piece.


Die cut the star from a sheet of white textured card leaving plenty of spare card around it. Mark the star arm that is the top point, and use this to create a template for the larger shaker star. Draw in pencil a larger star shape 8mm bigger than the die cut aperture star. Use a craft knife and ruler to cut away the larger star making a template.


Die cut the star again from gold glitter card. Place back in the central swirl from the white textured star.


Use the large star template to cut four stars, one from white textured card, one from navy blue patterned paper, one from acetate and one from matching navy blue textured card. This star shape is handed, so mark the pieces with the same top point to keep them matching exactly.


Trim away the centre off the navy blue textured star to leave a 5mm star shaped frame. Fix this onto the acetate star to make the shaker top. Then fix in place the gold star with white swirl into the centre area.


Glue down the patterned paper star onto the textured surface of the white star, leaving the smooth side on the reverse. This is the back of the shaker star that could hold a hidden message.


Trim several thin strips of 3D foam tape to surround the outer edge of the patterned paper star creating the shaker compartment. Also add a double layer of 3D foam mini dots right in the centre.


Carefully fill the shaker compartment with gold confetti stars and a few punched stars from scrap pieces of the navy blue textured card.


Fix the shaker star top cover onto the prepared base to complete the removable shaker star.


Place some more gold and blue loose shaker stars onto the prepared card blank where the two smaller shaker stars are positioned. Fix down the prepared cover panel onto the card front, in-casing those shaker stars.


Die cut another decorative star from gold glitter card, and retrieve the lower white star from the front panel. Trim away the centre pattern of both stars with a craft knife to leave a star frame. Fix these onto the front panel within the star shapes on the acetate, placing the gold frame on the higher star, and the white frame in the original lower position.


Create a horizontal banner across the front of the card to house the Merry Christmas gold glitter sticker sentiment. Use the smoother reverse side of the textured white card. Fix this onto the card front using a double layer of 3D foam tape, leaving an area free to support the large shaker star. Place a tiny triangle of double layered foam tap behind the lower edge of the banner between the legs of the large star to prevent it from slipping down.


Add several gold glitter sticker stars to the design to complete the card. Add three additional stars behind the large shaker star, so that they can be seen when the shaker star is removed.


The completed card with the star decoration removed, ready for hanging on the Christmas tree. The completed card with the star decoration included.

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