How to Make a Papercraft Seascape
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How to Make a Papercraft Seascape

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1hour

I love these wooden house box shelves, they’re gorgeous and there’s so many different ways in which they can be filled! My first thought was to create a bird box but then I thought the shelf looked like a little beach house and that’s what made me decide on a seascape with a giant kraken taking centre stage.

If your child comes up with a character then this is a great way of showing off their artwork with a help hand from your mini maker/s. You can paint the box inside and out, add embellishments, the sky’s the limit! But most importantly it’s about having lots of fun!

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How to make

Top tip: If you can’t quite find the colour you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to experiment mixing different colours until you have exactly the colour you want. 

Step 1


Start by painting the front edge of the house shelf using some craft paint. Apply three layers of paint to get a nice even courage, making sure to let each layer dry before applying the next one.

Papercraft Seascape

Step 2

Next, choose a sheet of blue card and trim so that it fits snugly into the back and base of the house shelf, add a bit of a curve to the top edge to mimic the sea swell. Secure the cardstock in place with double-sided tape. 

Papercraft Seascape

Top tip: A glue pen is ideal for securing each of the sucker pads to the tentacles. Secure these to the underside of the tentacles on the front of the kracken, and then add some to the  front of the tentacles added to the back.

Step 3

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to picking sea creatures to include within your seascape, mermaid, whale, fish, I decided to go for a kraken who my son and I called Kevin!

I started by drawing out a template and then used this to cut the kraken out adding additional tentacles to the back to create a three dimensional effect. To create all of the individual sucker pads that are on each tentacle I used a hole punch to cut lots of little circles from the same colour cardstock as the kraken

Papercraft Seascape

Step 4

Draw the facial features of the kraken using a felt tip pen; this a great task that will keep your mini makers busy. Get them to draw different eyes on a blank piece of white paper, then cut out your favourite pair. 

Papercraft Seascape

Step 5

I wanted a shipwreck on the sea bottom of my seascape, so I created a very rough boat template from cardstock, which thankfully added to the shipwreck look. The template glued together to create a three dimensional form. 

Step 6

Cut out more shapes to fill your seascape, I cut out some squiggly shapes to look like seaweed and constructed a little treasure chest. To add a bit of glitz to a few of the items within the seascape, I ran the glue pen over some of the seaweed and areas of the ship and then sprinkled over biodegradable glitter.

Step 7

Once all the elements are constructed and dry, secure everything to the bottom of the seascape.

Papercraft Seascape

Step 8

Trim a piece of light blue paper to form the the top layer of the sea, ensure there are two 1cm tabs at either end of the sheet so that it can be easily secured to the inside of the wooden house shelf. Roughly make a mark where your sea creature sits and use a pair of scissors to cut a slit so that head of your sea creature can fit through. You could also add little slits for the tentacles to peak through too.

Papercraft Seascape

Step 9

Cut thin strips from blue cardstock and use a quilling tool to gently curl the paper to form waves. Use a glue pen to secure these in place.

Papercraft Seascape

Step 10

Secure the top sea layer and the kraken inside the seascape, sitting one side slightly higher than then other to mimic a gentle wave. Finally, secure a small amount of double-sided tape to the ends of a few of the tentacles and secure to the outside edge of the box to show off his suckers.

Papercraft Seascape

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