How to Make a Retro Campervan Card
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How to Make a Retro Campervan Card

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Creating a beautiful handmade card for your nearest and dearest couldn't be easier, thanks to the layering stamp and die sets from Luxe Craft. This adorable little notelet uses the 'Life's an Adventure' set, which comes complete with retro campervan, trees and fluffy clouds.

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How to make

Step 1

Take a sheet of white card and trim to 11.3 x 16.5 cm. Round each of the four corners using a corner punch.

Step 2

Lightly draw a line with a pencil approximately one third of the way up from the bottom edge of the panel cut in step one. Take a cool grey coloured marker pen and using the brush tip, create lines of colour slightly overlapping each other so no white areas show. Repeat adding another layer of colour over the top, this time only working the top two thirds of the grey section, leaving a paler area towards the bottom.

Step 3

Create lines of ice blue working from the very top of the panel down. Use the chisel tip this time, again slightly overlapping each line. Lift off the pressure more towards the centre area of the panel to leave a white section above the grey road. 

Campervan Card

Step 4

On a sheet of white cardstock create a sweeping hill for the background. Colour the card using the chiselled tip of a spearmint green pen. Trim the edges to fit the sky panel and fix using 3D foam pads.

Step 5

Create three trees using watercolour paper, or alternatively white textured cardstock. First stamp the tree foliage using a light green ink pad. Stamp over the top using a darker ink, gently pressing onto the bottom area only to create a shadow effect. Fussy-cut these out.

Colour a small piece of watercolour paper with a driftwood colour marker, using the brush tip. Then go over half of this using a coffee coloured pen. Take the chisel tip and very quickly brush it over lifting pressure as you go. Once dry, die cut using the tree truck die included within the pack, positing it to capture the darker colour towards the top branches. Fix the tree trunks to the canopies with tacky glue to complete.

Campervan Card

Step 6

Using the same process as for the tree trunks, add colour to another piece of watercolour paper ready to die cut seven fir trees. Use spearmint green first, and then the darker fern coloured marker. Colour a thin grass area in spearmint pen and fix onto the base of the hill with 3D foam pads. Start adding the trees to the scene with 3D foam pads, using a small amount of tacky glue at the base of each fir tree.

Campervan Card

Draw a slightly larger circles around the stamped wheels with pencil, and use this to locate the wheel die more accurately.

Step 7

Create the camper van by first stamping two wheels onto more white cardstock, in black ink. Colour the wheels with a natural grey pen when the ink has dried. Die cut the main part of the camper van in white card. Colour with an ice blue marker another small piece of card ready to die cut the side panel of the van. Also die cut the wheels.

Glue the wheels in place, and fix the side panel using 3D foam pads. 

Campervan Card

Step 8

 Attach the completed camper van to the scene with more 3D foam pads. Die cut three white clouds and a caption banner. Stamp the banner with black ink.

Step 9

Fix the last few elements onto the card front to complete the design.

Campervan Card

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