How to Make a Tim Holtz Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout
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How to Make a Tim Holtz Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1 hr +

Discover how to use your Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inks to create a stunning mixed media scrapbook layout, perfect for documenting special moments that can be looked back on in years to come.

Project and how-to make instructions by Sue Smith

You will need

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Craft Mat for Inking 

Water Mister

Pencil and Rubber 



How to make

You will also need:

Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad – Tattered Rose 
Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad – Bundled Sage 
Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad – Evergreen Bough 
Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad – Cracked Pistachio 

Step 1

Carefully remove one of the pages from the scrapbook or alternatively rip a page out, trim off the ripped holes and this could be glued onto another page later.

Step 2

Mark out five feint pencil lines running horizontally across the page. Measuring down from the top, draw a line at 5.5 cm, 11 cm, 16.5 cm, 22 cm, and 27.5 cm.

Step 3

Apply some Bundled Sage ink onto a stamping block. Dip a wide paint brush into some water and flick off any loose drops. Pick up the ink with a few strokes to load the brush. Use the pencil lines as a top line guide and slowly brush the ink across the page leaving a gap at both ends. Wipe the stamping block clean and repeat for each line created. Allow to dry, then rub away the pencil lines.

Step 4

After giving the spray stain a good shake, spritz it across the page from the bottom right hand corner. Allow to dry naturally.

Step 5

Design a brush lettering caption onto tracing paper, a reasonable size to look good over the inked background lines. Transfer the lettering onto the scrapbook page to use as a guide. To do this, scribble on the reverse of the tracing paper with a pencil. Then position each word and re-draw over the top on the correct side. Take the copper coloured metallic brush tip pen to write the finished hand-lettered caption. 

Mixed media scrapbook

Step 6

Cut three A4 sheets of watercoloured paper in half, to leave six A5 pieces. Using the Tattered Rose ink pad, apply some to the surface of a craft mat. Spray with water until it beads up nicely. Dab one of the paper pieces face down into the ink, maybe once more to create nice splodges of colour. Dry with a heat tool. Dab again to pick up any remaining ink on the mat, dry again. Mist and splash with water to create the oxide effect and again dry. Add more ink to the mat, and repeat the process until the paper is well covered with colour.

Top Tip – Always heat dry the ink after dabbing the paper no more than a couple of times. This will help produce nice splodges of ink and not one big pool of colour. The secret is to layer up the ink splodges for a more interesting pattern and a good coverage of colour across the paper.

Step 7

Continue to work with the other five paper pieces as before, using a different coloured ink each time. Use Bundled Sage to match the green lines on the scrapbook page. Also use slightly deeper colours to give the page a lift such as, Evergreen Bough, Cracked Pistachio, Wilted Violet and Hickory Smoke. 

Mixed media scrapbook

Step 8

When all the coloured paper pieces are completely dry, punch out butterflies in both sizes. Pile them up into five groups of three larger butterflies topped with two smaller ones. Use different colours in different combinations. Add a tiny amount of glue from a glue stick, behind each butterflies body to hold the stacks in place. Slightly tilt the butterflies at an angle to show a glimpse of the one behind. Repeat this process for eight piles of two smaller butterflies. Machine stitch down the centre of each butterfly stack with white thread. Tie the thread ends into a knot to hold in place and trim them leaving a short length. 

Step 9

Plan the area on the scrapbook page to position two photographs. The larger photo measures 10cm square, and the smaller one is 6cm square. Trim these from spare white paper to design the layout.

Step 10

Choose one of the Typed Tokens to add to the bottom right hand corner of the smaller photo. Fix this into place using one of the copper coloured Long Fasteners.

Step 11

 Look through the various Clipping Stickers to find suitable phrases and words to add to the page. Ideally, six stickers to group into three locations on the top, middle and lower green painted lines

Mixed media scrapbook

Step 12

Arrange and fix into place all the stacks of butterflies so they sweep across the page from bottom right to top left. Lift all the wings to create extra dimension and movement.

Step 13

Add the finished page back into the scrapbook to treasure forever.

Mixed media scrapbook

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