How to Make Brush Lettered Wall Art
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How to Make Brush Lettered Wall Art

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £30+
Time 1 hr +

Create beautiful wall art for your home using Tim Holtz Distress Oxides and stunning metallic brush pens. These watercolour-themed inspirational wall plaques are perfect for any room in the house and can be reproduced any size or colour you like, as there are over 40 Distress Oxides colours to choose from!

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How to make

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 1

Begin by cutting a sheet of A4 watercolour paper in half to create two A5 pieces.

For the best results to get a smooth blend… after dabbing the blending pad onto the ink pad a few times, rub the blending pad onto the craft mat once or twice before then working the ink into the paper. By doing this the ink is evenly distributed across the blending pad, and less likely to deposit darker more concentrated ink in one area of the paper.

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 2

Working on a craft inking mat or glass surface, start to blend the lightest colour of Tattered Rose ink. Randomly add the ink in three areas onto the A5 paper, using a blending tool with a soft pad. 

Once the ink has been applied to the background piece, use a scrap piece of paper to hold the work in place. Using just your fingers can result in leaving finger prints in the smooth blended surface.

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 3

Next blend in the second lightest colour of Bundled Sage in a similar way as before. Remember to use a different blending pad for each colour. Use this colour to almost cover the paper, leaving a few lighter areas for a third colour. 

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 4

Blend smaller areas of the darker Evergreen Bough coloured ink to add more interest to the background. 

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 5

Once all the paper is nicely covered with ink, mist well to produce an oxide effect. Also use a paint brush to add splashes of water to get some of the colour dye to run. Dry naturally, or with a heat gun.

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 6

Design some simple hand-lettering onto tracing paper using an inspirational phrase or quote (or why not download and print the template below). Draw a vertical centre line with a pencil and ruler as a guide to help centralise the words. When the lettering is positioned correctly, transfer this onto the prepared background. Scribble with pencil on the reverse side of the tracing paper. Then place the tracing paper in position over the background before re-drawing the phrase. 

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 7

Select a copper coloured metallic brush marker to write the phrase in brush lettering using the faint pencil lines as a guide.

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 8

Use the second half of the pre-cut A4 watercolour paper from the previous project and blend the same three coloured inks onto the paper in a similar way as before.

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 9

Once the paper has been covered with ink, lightly mist with water. Also drop a sprinkling of slightly larger water droplets by flicking a wet brush over the work. Wait a few seconds before covering with a clean sheet of paper towel and pressing down lightly to soak up the water. Leave to dry. 

A5 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 10

In a similar way as before, design another hand-lettered phrase (or download the quote below) or quote to write over the prepared landscape background. Use the same copper coloured metallic brush marker to create simple brush lettering. 

Always heat dry the ink after dabbing the paper no more than a couple of times. This will help produce nice splodges of ink and not one big pool of colour. The secret is to layer up the ink splodges for a more interesting pattern and a good coverage of colour across the paper.

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 1

Using a sheet of A4 watercolour paper, apply Tattered Rose ink all over using the dab and drop technique. Add the ink to the surface of the craft mat, mist well until the ink beads up nicely. Dab the paper face down over the ink once or twice only before drying with a heat gun. Dab into the remaining ink again with the paper to add more splodges of colour. Dry again before repeating the process. 

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 2

Repeat the inking technique again with Bundled Sage colour. Add colour anywhere across the paper.

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 3

Use a third colour of Cracked Pistachio to add more depth of colour to the background. 

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 4

Keep adding colour in the way until the whole paper is nicely covered. Mist with water and add larger droplets with a paint brush to add the oxide effect. Dry with a heat tool.

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 5

Add some droplets of Picket Fence spray stain towards the top right hand corner, and bottom left hand corner of the piece. Unscrew the top and drop the ink from the tube. This will produce larger drops rather than a finer spray from the bottle sprayer. 

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 6

Design a hand-lettered phrase or quote in a similar way as before (or alternatively download the template below). Again using the copper coloured metallic brush marker to finish the brush lettering.

A4 Brush Lettered Wall Art - 7

Complete the piece, by adding a few interesting splashes of Antique Bronze spray stain. Apply this to the opposite corners from the white droplets, using a paint brush for more control. 

Helpful Docs & Software

Brush Lettering Beginner's Guide

Feeling inspired but not sure how to brush letter?! Download our four-page guide to learn how!


Download Quote Template (A5)

'You can do anything but not everything'


Download Quote Template (A5)

'Everything happens for a reason'


Download Quote Template (A4)

'Sometimes a little me-time is all you need'


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