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How to Make Christmas Aperture Cards

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

You will need

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How to make

How to make a Photo Aperture Card


Cover the front of the card blank with green textured cardstock trimmed slightly smaller. Trim away the cardstock in the aperture with a craft knife.


Trim champagne glitter card 10.5cm square and foliage paper 10cm square. Adhere the paper on top of the glitter card then cut out a square through the centre the same size as the aperture in the card blank. Attach the frame around the aperture with foam pads.


Select, print out and trim down your chosen image to go inside the aperture. Use double-sided tape to apply a square of Fab Foam to the reverse before securing centrally within the aperture.


Add a wooden sentiment underneath the aperture along with a strip of cardstock featuring your family’s name.


Finish off the card with holly wooden toppers secured in place with tacky glue.

How to make a Bauble Aperture Card


Cover the front of the card blank with red card, trim away the cardstock from the aperture on the inside of the card with a craft knife.


Wrap jute twine around the top of the aperture to replicate the hanging thread on a bauble.


Cover the inside panel with various star wooden toppers and star foam stickers.

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