How to Make Christmas Bunting
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How to Make Christmas Bunting

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Looking to add something new to your collection of handmade Christmas decorations? Discover how to create Christmas paper bunting with this step-by-step guide. Perfect for beginners, this project will show you how to use your die cutting machine to create an embossed paper bunting with strikingly effective results!

You can also experiment with different colours and embellishments to personalise your bunting to fit in nicely with your other Christmas decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Project and instructions by Sue Smith

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How to make

You will also need:

* A craft knife

Step 1

Begin by removing a selection of seven sheets from the blue paper pad, in five different tones. Choose mid tones of blue leaving the light pastel colours, and very darkest shade.

Step 2

Cut each sheet in half, collecting a pile of thirteen A5 pieces. Fully emboss each sheet by running them through a die cutting machine twice. First emboss the left-hand side with the fold of the embossing folder at the top. Then turn the paper upside down to emboss the left-hand side as before. By doing this the emboss pattern will look the same on both sides of the bunting flags.

Step 3

Carefully fold the embossed sheets in half and unfold. Score four crease lines across both sides of the paper, using a ruler and bone folder. Create a central panel measuring 35mm wide, with two border sections 15mm wide. Mountain fold alone the two central lines, and valley fold the other two lines creating a raised panel down the centre.

Step 4

Create a frosted look to the bunting flags by rubbing in some silver gilding polish. Either use the foam pad within the lid, or better still, decant onto a scrap piece of acetate and apply with a finger. Rub the polish across the middle section and down each side edge. Blend out leaving the top and bottom clear.

Step 5

Now re-fold the bunting flags in half, creasing well. Trim the very bottom section into a fishtail banner measuring 2 cm up from the lower edge. Cut through all the folded layers.

Step 6

Arrange the flags in line, in a random colour order. Take the second flag and write a brush lettered ‘l’ onto the front panel using a white pen. Write an ‘e’ on the third, and a ’t’ on the fourth flag. Leave the next flag empty and work in the same way to read ‘it’ on the next two flags. Leave another empty flag and write ‘snow’ across the next four. There should be one last flag at the end empty.

Step 7

Tie a knot at the end of the twine. Start gluing on the flags in order from the thirteenth flag back. Apply tacky glue down both inside edges, and hold closed to set. The flags will then open out slightly in the centre and be able to move along the twine to space out evenly when hung.

Step 8

Cut and tie a knot at the end of the bunting twine.

Draw a snowflake design on the four empty flags using the same white pen.

Step 9

Hang up the completed bunting to enjoy and admire!

Frosted Bunting

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