How to Make a Christmas Woodland Frame
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How to Make a Christmas Woodland Frame

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

This effective, yet simple to make, light up box frame is perfect for adorning a shelf or wall in your home, or even given as a gift. A little patience is required when fussy-cutting all of the foliage that adorns the edge of this light up frame, but the end result is well worth it! This project is great for Christmas, but too good not to use all year around!

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How to make

Step 1

Take your 12 x 12″ Christmas Woodland paper pack and find the three sheets with the stag printed on a white background surrounded by winter foliage. Cut one sheet around the foliage and the stag so you have a 12 x 12″ sheet left with the white paper cut out of the middle. This does not have to be exact – a rough cut will suffice, leaving a small outer edge of the white part of the paper adds a nice contrast.

Christmas Woodland Frame

Step 2

Take another piece of the same paper and cut again, this time you can ignore the stag and just cut the foliage.

Step 3

Unpack your deep frame. Take out the wooden surround in front of the glass and carefully lay the first sheet down on the inside of the glass but behind the mount board. Add the wooden deep frame part back on top of this layer. Take strips of foliage cut from the second sheet and add strips of the mount board to it (or you can use foam squares) and glue behind the first piece of patterned paper you lay down – so that you have a second layer behind the first. You do not have to cover every part of the foliage edge of the picture, just add the second layer where you want to add interest.

Christmas Woodland Frame

Step 4

Add in the wooden robin and pine cone toppers to the paper where you might have a gap or want to add interest.

Step 5

Take the very back board of your frame and adhere a sheet of the dark green pattered paper from your 12 x 12″ pad to it. Add some of the white wooden snowflake toppers and your white wooden Merry Christmas words to it.

Step 6

Take your lights. Then using double-sided tape, I stick the lights to the wooden frame inside the frame we had removed earlier. Leave the battery pack of your lights outside the frame and add on the backing board to close your frame up.

Step 7

Finally, stick some of the glittered snowflake stickers to the glass at the front of the frame to add some interest.

Step 8

Pop some batteries into your battery pack, switch on and enjoy the soft glow from the lights on a cold Christmas evening!

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