How to Make Easy Thank You Cards
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How to Make Easy Thank You Cards

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

It's so easy to make simple yet effective thank you cards with a little help from our beautiful stamp range and embellishments of your choice! Whether for a teacher, your friends, or relatives, there's an easy thank you card style for every occasion. Take inspiration from the four examples below.

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How to make

How to Make a Gem Thank You Card

1. Use Stamp and Ink Pad » to print message into the centre of your card.

2. Stick on Adhesive Gems » of your choice in a pattern around the message. We’ve added a sun burst to ours!

How to Make a Washi Tape Bunting Thank You Card

1. Cut up Washi Tape of your choice into long triangles using scissors

2. Stick in an alternating colour pattern at a slight curve to look like hanging bunting

3. Add two or more strands of Washi Tape bunting for a fuller effect!

4. Use the Stamp and Ink Pad to print a thank you message in the bottom right hand corner of the card

How to Make a Stamped Thank You Card

This one’s easy! Use the Stamp and Ink Pad to print alternative messages of thanks until the entire front of the card is filled.

How to Make a Punched Paper Thank You Card

1. Use Craft Punches to punch out shapes of your choice for the front of your card – we’ve chosen stars and circles and have used Pastel Paper.

2. Glue shapes down, overlap the edges of the card with some of the shapes for a fuller look, and then trim around the edges of the card using Scissors.

3. Use the Stamp and Ink Pad to print your thank you message in the centre of the card, overlapping the paper shapes if you wish.

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