How to Make Succulent Home Decor Wall Art
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How to Make Succulent Home Decor Wall Art

Difficulty Advanced
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

If you're not blessed with particularly green fingers this die-cut succulent home decor wall art project is for you; there's absolutely no watering required! Simply grab you die cutting machine and the Bigz succulent die from Sizzix along with some suitably coloured cardstock and ink pads to create these beautiful paper plants. We've displayed ours in a house shelf, however you could use a box frame, mache box of even a fillable wooden letter - the choice is yours!

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How to make

Step 1

Begin by scrunching up scrap tissue paper, and or paper packaging to line the base of the wooden house shelf. Use plenty to almost fill the inner space.

Step 2

Choose a sheet of dark grey coloured cardstock, and draw around the house shelf base with a pencil. Cut this out slightly smaller so the shape fits inside the house shelf to hide the packaging. Also choose sheets of green and sage coloured cardstock ready to use for the succulents. 

Succulent Home decor house

Step 3

Use dabs of tacky glue under the tissue paper or packaging to fix it down onto the backing board of the house shelf. Also add some glue to the sides to help further fix the packaging in place. Add more glue onto the top surface, and then cover with the prepared grey panel. Press down to fix into place.

Step 4

Begin crafting the succulents by die cutting several petal shapes using the Bigz die. Remember to pass this through your machine using just the two cutting plates, sandwiching the die. One pass with a layer of coloured cardstock cuts four different sized petals. Another two passes gives three petals of each size, and this is required for each succulent plant. 

Succulent home decor house

Step 5

Apply ink with a blending sponge to the petals, leaving some of the coloured card bare towards the base. Tear off one single tiny petal from a group of three and discard the other two. 

Succulent home decor house

Step 6

The next stage is to shape the petals using your fingers. Curl each one upwards. Then pinch a crease at the tips by almost folding the petal in half. Rip a mini gluing tab at the base of the tiny single petal. 

Step 7

Each petal group can now be glued together using tacky glue. Arrange them evenly to create a nice cluster of petals. Loosely fold the tiny single petal in half, and glue the mini tab around the back. This can then be glued to the centre of the smallest cluster. 

Step 8

Cup each petal cluster in your hand. Gentle push a tool handle into the cluster and fold the petals up around it. Give the base area a squeeze around the tool handle to make it narrower. 

Succulent home decor house

Step 9

To complete the succulent plant, simply glue all the clusters together in size order. Craft another eight succulents making nine in total. Use different coloured cardstock with different tones of green ink to make them all slightly different. 

Succulent home decor house

Step 10

Craft another smaller succulent by not including the larger bottom cluster of petals.

Step 11

Fix all ten succulents into the house shelf by gluing the bases onto the grey cardstock. The smaller plant sits centrally at the bottom.

Step 12

Craft some spikey plants to fill in the gaps and also add detail to the wall art. Use pieces of light brown cardstock cut into rectangles about 9 x 3.5cm. Ink half the top and back surface across the long edge. Snip into this longer inked edge to leave a row of spikes, almost as deep as the shorter side. Tightly roll up the shorter edge along the rectangle with the textured surface positioned on the inside as you roll. Glue together to form a spikey tube.

Step 13

Fan out the spikey leaves to create a thin grassy looking plant. Fix these wherever there is a gap randomly between the succulents. The wall art is now finished and ready to hang.

Succulent home decor house

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