Project Life: How to Make a Baby Girl Layout
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Project Life: How to Make a Baby Girl Layout

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

The Project Life Value kits can also be used to create 12 x 12" layouts to add to you Project Life album. The Little You Baby kit comes in both boy and girl versions allowing you to create tailored layouts just for your little one. Each kit contains two of each of the large and small insert cards, which means there are lots of different layouts that can be easily created. Here we've combined the Project Life Little You 'Girl' kit with embellishments made from glitter washi tapes and wooden craft sticks, from photo frames to flags and feathers.

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How to make

Step 1

Gather your supplies; Project Life Little You (Baby Girl) Kit, one 12 x 12” piece of white cardstock, eight wooden craft sticks (four large and three small), glitter tape in pink and silver, plus white acrylic paint, double sided tape, thin twine, foam pads and scissors.

Baby Girl Layout

Step 2

Paint the front and sides of the four large wooden craft sticks and half of one small wooden craft stick with white acrylic paint. Leave to dry.

Baby Girl Layout

Wrap double sided tape around the craft stick first, this will ensure the glitter tape is securely adhered.

Step 3

Wrap glitter tape around the small half painted craft stick and cut the ends into fishtails.

Baby Girl Layout

Step 4

Wrap three bands of glitter tape around two of the large wooden craft sticks as shown, again using double-sided tape to secure it in place.

Baby Girl Layout

Step 5

Turn the four large craft sticks over and use double-sided tape to secure them together in a square shape. Make sure the glitter banded sticks are placed face down first as you don’t want to cover over the tape.

Baby Girl Layout

Step 6

Cover the front of the other two small craft sticks in glitter tape by laying the stick face down on the tape and trimming around it with scissors

Baby Girl Layout

Step 7

Make glitter tape feathers by placing a piece of thin twine halfway along a 3 to 4 inch piece of glitter tape. Fold the tape over the end of the twine and press the two sides of tape together encasing the twine. With scissors, trim around the edge to make a feather shape and snip into the edges at a diagonal to create the fringe effect on the feathers.

Baby Girl Layout

Step 8

Mount the photo behind the craft stick frame and adhere it to the top right of the cardstock. Tucking a 4 x 6” Project Life card (I’m using this as my title) slightly under the bottom left of the frame. Tuck a smaller 3 x 4” Project Life card under the right side of the frame and part of the title card.

Step 9

With you base in position, add the embellishments, like the two glitter sticks on the bottom left, the flag to the right of the frame and the feathers hanging off the top left of the frame. Use foam pads to pop embellishments up, like the ballooning cat, the stork, large arrow and the camera. There are lots of gorgeous little die-cuts in the Project Life Little You kit that it’s easy to create the loveliest layout.

Baby Girl Layout

Double-sided tape works great on painted and wooden surfaces, and provides that extra stickiness that’s sometimes needed to hold the glitter tapes in place.

Don’t stop at this, you could also make beautiful ‘new baby’ cards using the insert cards and glitter embellishments as toppers!

Baby Girl Layout

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