How to Sew Cami Pyjamas and Matching Sleep Mask
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How to Sew Cami Pyjamas and Matching Sleep Mask

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

Create a matching set of cami pyjamas with a sleep mask using the templates and guides below, written by our resident sewing expert, Kathi. Personalise with your own fabric choice - perfect for gifting!

You will need

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How to make


You will need:

Fat Quarters for Sleep Mask 

2m of Cut Fabric for Pyjamas 

Elastic – 6mm for Sleep Mask and 32mm for Pyjama Shorts 

Bias Binding 

Coordinating Thread 

How to Sew a Sleep Mask

Step 1 

Download and print the sleep mask template, add a 1cm seam allowance to the pattern and cut out. Wash and iron the fat quarters.

Step 2 

Cut out two sleep mask pieces from two different fat quarters and cut one piece of felt. Cut a 4cm strip from the longest side of the fat quarter.

Step 3 

Wrong sides together, stitch along the longest side of the fabric strip and turn through.

Step 4

Cut a piece of the 6mm elastic to fit snuggly around your head. Insert into the fabric strip, using a safety pin will make this easy to do.

Step 5

Wrong sides together, pin all of your pieces in place. Insert the elasticated strap where the notches are and leave a gap at the top so that you can turn the sleep mask through.

Sew with a 1cm seam allowance. Snip into the curves so that the seams will be flat when turned through.

Step 6

Once it is turned through, press well and stitch around with a zig-zag stitch, closing the gap you left.

How to Sew Cami Pyjamas

Step 1 

Download, pair up and transfer the shorts and top pattern onto pattern paper, for this design you will only need the shorts and top pieces. Take care to transfer the notches and other markings. Wash and iron your fabric, then lay out on the fold. Place your pattern pieces on top, making sure you will have as little waste as possible. This pattern is for a set of medium sized pyjamas (UK 10-12) if you require a smaller or larger size you can scale the pattern up or down and this may require a slightly larger amount of fabric. This pattern uses a 1cm seam allowance throughout.

Step 2 

Pin your pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out using fabric scissors. Before you unpin your pieces, transfer any markings across, including the front darts. Set the short pieces aside and begin to sew your top.

Step 3 

Pin and sew the front darts.

Step 4 

Press the front darts down.

Step 5

Right sides together, pin and sew the back centre seam together and press to one side or open if you prefer. Pin and sew the two side seams together and press towards the back.

Step 6 

Overlock the back seam, two side seams and hem. Press well.

Step 7 

Attach the bias binding to the top to create the neckline and straps. Attach the under arms and around the back first and then across the front, leaving enough of the bias binding either side to create the straps. I have used a zig-zag stitch to top stitch the bias binding but you can use a straight stitch if you prefer.

Step 8

Cut the length of the strap (approx 20cm depending on size). Press the bias binding down and stitch.

Step 9

Attach the straps to the back of the top and stitch down. Press well and set aside.

Step 10

Now you can sew the shorts! Pin and sew the centre backs and centre fronts together, matching up the notches. 

Step 11

Overlock the seams, again together or apart depending on your preference. Press well.

Step 12

Sew the side seams together and overlock. Press towards the back.

Step 13

Sew the crotch seam together, carefully matching up the front and back centre seams. Over lock and press towards the back. Overlock around the hem and waistband and press.

Step 14

Fold and press down 3.5cm from the top of the waistband. Stitch down, either using a straight or zig-zig stitch, leaving a gap so that you can insert the elastic.

Step 15

Cut the elastic to your correct waist size and insert into the waistband, using a safety pin the help. Sew up the gap you left and press well.

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