Break out the craft stash! Each week throughout the summer, we’ll be releasing a new project for you and your mini makers to try at home. Designed to make the most of many of the craft essentials you’re likely to already have around, this is a great way to stay creative and inspired through school holidays spent at home.

Discover the exciting summer projects below, along with everything you’ll need to make them. Let’s craft together!

Weekly Craft-at-Home Projects

Week 1 - Farm Rolls

Get crafty with the kids and turn empty loo rolls into amazing colourful play farm animals in just a few hours.

What you'll need:

Week 2 - Pebble Painting

Enjoy artistic fun in the great outdoors by creating some fun pebble art. This is the perfect activity for a party or a quiet afternoon in the garden, plus it’s low on mess!

What you'll need:

Week 3 - Fortune Tellers

It's a kids' craft as old as time itself, but it can be easy to forget how to make a paper fortune teller. Fear not! This handy tutorial will spark your memory and get you up to speed again in no time.

What you'll need:

Week 4 - Rainbow Collage

Get creative with colour and make your own rainbow collage with avariety of crafty components. This is the perfect addition to your rainbow.

What you'll need:

Week 5 - Air Dry Clay Fossils

Learn how to create these fun and easy clay fossils. You can use your fossils to arrange your own fossil hunt at home – kids will love digging around in the garden! Children must be supervised by an adult.

What you'll need: