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Bargello is a perfect craft for moments of mindfulness, allowing you to build up stitches in a mathematical zig-zag pattern to create stunning decorative items for your home. The 70s craft named after a set of 17th-century upholstered chairs at the Bargello palace in Florence is back in vogue, and with a few products that you’ll most likely have tucked away in your craft stash you can be stitching away in no time.

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How to create a Bargello stitch

Once you’ve drawn your design onto graph paper, it’s time to begin stitching! Follow the guide below to get started.

1. Start in the bottom left-hand corner of the canvas and ‘come up’ slowly, catching around an inch of the thread before you pull it all the way through.
2. For this example, each stitch is a ‘count’ of 6, this means your needle will come up through the canvas at ‘1’ and go back down again at ‘6’.
3. Continue with your pattern, ‘stepping’ up the canvas.

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