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Bring a touch of nature indoors with dazzling floral displays! Learning fantastic floristry techniques is a great way to consistently create spectacular home or event decor, helping you set the scene with stunning centrepieces, wreaths, garlands and other floral arrangements.

How to Make a Floral Centrepiece

Dress your table with a spectacular centrepiece, perfect for every occasion. You can create a decorative feature with a fresh, botanical look and the added glow of an LED candle at the centre.

With the perfect tools on hand, you can craft your floral designs to create professional-quality arrangements that impress every guest.

1. Cut a block of floral foam brick in half.
2. Place half of the floral foam brick into your chosen plant pot.
3. Trim artificial foliate stems to size, fluffing up and separating to increase the bulk.
4. Start composing your floral arrangement by placing the stems within the floral foam. Ensure an even mixture around the entire arrangement and remember to leave space in the middle if you wish to include an LED candle.
5. Add an LED candle into the centre of the floral display if you wish.

Top Tips for Working with Fresh Foliage

Foliage is a great way to add structure, shape, and drama to a hand held bouquet or arrangement. These top tips will have keep your foliage looking fresh for longer.

  • Cut at least two inches from the base of stem to keep foliage fresh for longer
  • If stems have bark, bash them with a hammer or rolling pin before putting them in water to aid the saturation in the stem.
  • Strip any leaves below the water line.
  • Cut stems at an angle to give as much surface area as possible to saturate.
  • Use foliage to build structure within a vase to then add flowers to.

How to Make a Wreath

Whether you prefer a traditional look or add your own unique twist to the design, a stunning wreath will add the perfect finishing touch to your seasonal decor.

Add another dimension to your flower arranging by crafting a handmade wreath. Transform a wire frame base into something extra special with your choice of flowers, foliage and embellishments!

1. Use artificial parsley fern and asparagus bush to build up the base of your wreath. Take each stem and gently bend the bottom of the wire to fit the shape of the metal wreath base. Secure to the base using floristry wire.
2. Once you have filled the wreath, separate and fluff out the individual stems to create a full and abundant wreath base.
3. Begin adding sundries to decorate the wreath. Attach either using a hot melt glue gun or by tying floristry wire carefully around the base of each sundry, ensuring that the wire is concealed once attached to the wreath base.
4. Choose your ribbon and wrap around the metal wreath base to hang.

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