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Corporate Social Responsibility

CEO Statement

"At Hobbycraft we celebrate “make do and mend” and are working hard to enable our customers to craft more sustainably - through the products we source together with the project inspiration we provide.

We are committed to being a sustainable retailer, striving to do the right thing with integrity from the sourcing of product and packaging through to the way we operate our retail stores and depot.

We have made a good start and we will continue to use our resource and scale to drive more positive change”

Dominic Jordan, CEO

Our Sustainability Commitment

We are committed to improving the sustainability of all aspects of our business, with key objectives in place to bring about the necessary changes. We have made significant changes across the business, winning the Solent 250 CSR Award of the Year in 2019 for our dedication. We continue to challenge ourselves to ensure we are putting sustainability at the forefront of what we do, and that we truly make today, enjoy tomorrow, and remain mindful of our impact on the environment. We work to ensure our commitment informs our decision-making process and that we meet our commitment as a retailer to strive for change.

Step 1

Product Packaging


Exit the use of single-use plastics by 2022 on own-brand ranges.

So far:

  • 30 tonnes of plastic has been removed from own-brand products
  • 40% of all products have no packaging or have plastic-free packaging

Step 2



Remove non-biodegradable glitter from all products and exit Styrofoam, by January 2022. All wood to be FSC approved, by January 2022.

So far:

  • Biodegradable glitter range now in all stores and online
  • All wood currently meets European Sustainability Standard

Step 3

Recycling Waste


Recycle 100% of materials that are recyclable.

So far:

  • We recycle 100% of all materials which are recyclable
  • 72% of waste is recycled
  • 28% is burned for heat source

Step 4



New sustainable projects published each week on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub

So far:

  • Reuse of materials reinforced throughout Ideas Hub projects

Step 5

Packaging to Home


All e-commerce packaging and bags in store to be domestically recyclable by January 2022.

So far:

  • 70% of packaging is recyclable
  • Paper bags and bags for life available in all stores

Step 6

Running Stores Sustainably


All stores to reduce energy usage by 50%. All waste to be recycled.

So far:

  • All new stores have LED lights and energy management systems which reduce usage by 60%
  • All waste is back hauled to the depot to be recycled

Step 7



New sustainable projects to be introduced to the workshop programme each week by end of 2021.

So far:

  • Reuse of materials reinforced throughout workshop projects