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Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a difference

A group of smiling colleagues

CEO Statement

"At Hobbycraft, we believe in the power of crafting and making something yourself. The benefits are clear – be they supporting wellbeing and skill development, building confidence via creative play or even just the pure fun and enjoyment people can experience with family and friends or in their community.

Our ESG agenda outlined in our “Making a Difference” plan builds on this belief and seeks to not only encourage more people to craft and make something because it is “good for them”, but also to reassure them they are crafting in the most sustainable way possible.

Within Hobbycraft, we see “Making a Difference” as a team effort – everyone has a role to play, whether they are based in stores, our head office or the distribution centre. Importantly, we are all committed to becoming even more sustainable as we grow. Our focus is on colleague wellbeing, our store communities, our business practices and the way we use our buying power to drive positive change.

In building our “Making a Difference” plan, we have sought feedback from our customers and colleagues, not only to build the detail of what we should and can do, but also to give us clear priorities.”

Dominic Jordan, CEO

"We believe in the power of making"

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are central to our business and factoring these into business decisions is important for stakeholders, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to becoming more sustainable as we grow, with a focus on colleague wellbeing, our store communities and the way we use our buying power to drive positive change.

In the prior year, we conducted a detailed materiality assessment as part of the development of our ESG strategy. This was an inclusive process involving engagement with our colleagues and with external stakeholders, including our customers, to ensure our strategy focuses on the issues that are most important to our stakeholders. Through the initial survey of 750 colleagues and 3,254 customers, we identified 11 high-level topics that our ESG strategy has been aligned to. These topics fit into four key pillars of focus that also align to the United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.


Colleagues Surveyed


Customers Surveyed


High Level ESG Aligned Topics


Key ESG Pillars

We are making a difference through...


We will make sure colleague wellbeing remains at the heart of everything we do.


We will add value to the communities that we operate within.

Sustainable sourcing

We will work with progressive supplier partners to deliver more sustainably sourced products and reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Ethical business practices

We will champion ethical business practices in everything we do, underpinned by a robust governance framework.

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