Get Started In Soap Making

With personalised scents, colours and shapes, create your own personal spa at home with handmade soaps! This wonderful craft will be easy to master, and your unique creations are certain to make the perfect gift for a loved one, ideal for adding to hampers.

Tool Guide

Discover everything you need to craft your very own soaps with our range of tools and materials.

How to Make Soap

1. Carefully cut the soap base into 1” square pieces. 400g will roughly make two medium-size bars of soap, although this depends on the mould used.
2. Melt the soap base using a double boiler until the melted soap base reaches a temperature of 50-60°C, or place into a microwavable jug and melt in the microwave for two minutes and then 30-second intervals until melted. Do not overheat as this could mean that some of the moisture content from the soap is lost.
3. Add in a small amount of soap fragrance – ½ tsp to 1 tsp depending on desired strength. Mix thoroughly.
4. Add in a small amount of soap dye – ¼ tsp to ½ tsp depending on desired vibrancy of colour. Mix thoroughly for an even colour distribution, or mix slightly for a more marbled effect.
5. Pour the mixture into the soap and leave to set.
6. Once cooled for at least six hours, remove the set soap from the moulds.
7. Gift wrap your soaps using small mache boxes, tissue paper, twine and gift tags.