Cricut: How to Make a 'Happiness is Homemade' Cushion Cover
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Cricut: How to Make a 'Happiness is Homemade' Cushion Cover

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Project and how-to make instruction by Jennifer Harper

Happiness really is homemade, right? Use your Cricut and a roll of Everyday Iron-On to make this wonderful cushion cover. Choose a cover that coordinates with the colours of your home or, as I did, choose a statement colour to bring spring vibes into your home. This project is the perfect way to upcycle some old home furnishings that need that something new. If scatter cushions aren't your sort of thing, you could iron on to a tote bag or plain pencil case. Whatever you choose, this sentiment makes a perfect gift for a crafty friend (or even for yourself)!

You will need



How to make


You will also need:

Ironing Board

Tea Towel

Item to personalise (cushion cover, tote bag, pencil case, etc.)

Step 1

Log in to Cricut Access and search in images for ‘Handmade’ or by item, #M251DC9E

cricut happiness is homemade cushion cover

Step 2

Insert the image into design space and resize it to your chosen size. You can do this by using the arrows at the corner of the image, or by using the panel at the top. Remember to keep the aspect ratio locked, otherwise your image will distort.

cricut happiness is homemade cushion cover

Step 3

Once you have chosen the size of your image, you’re ready to make it. It really is that simple! Cick the ‘Make it’ button.

Step 4

You will then be taken to a mat preview screen where you can see your image on your mat. It is really important when using iron-on to click the ‘mirror’ button. This is most important when your images include text, like in this project. Otherwise, your final image will be back to front!

cricut happiness is homemade cushion cover

Make sure you place your vinyl on your mat shiny side down.

Step 5

Place your iron-on material onto your Cricut mat – a light or standard grip mat should be used when using iron-on vinyl. It is worth using the Cricut scraper or brayer tool to ensure the vinyl is completely adhered to your mat, and that there are no air bubbles. This will ensure your cut is of good quality.

Step 6

Click continue and connect your machine to your device. Set the dial on your Cricut Explore Air 2 to ‘custom’ and select Everday Iron-On from the list. You will be reminded to set your design to ‘mirror’ and to place your material shiny side down, if you haven’t already done so.

Step 7

Load your mat and set your machine to cut out your design.

Step 8

Using the hooked weeder tool, remove the negative pieces from the design that you do not want transferred to the cushion. This is really satisfying! If you have trouble seeing where the cut lines are, use a light box or hold your vinyl against a window. I find weeding easier with the vinyl adhered to the mat.

– Hold the iron in one place, rather than moving it around as if you were ironing a shirt! This can help keep your designs intact.

– Cover your design with a tea towel and do not apply direct heat to the plastic as this can cause it to melt, which will ruin your project!
You could also use a Cricut Easy Press to do this, if you have one, although a normal household iron will also do the job.

– Ensure your iron is on a no-steam setting!

Step 9

Once you have weeded your image, you are ready to transfer it to your cushion cover. Set your iron to the wool setting and wait for it to heat up. Heat your surface with your iron and then place your iron-on on your project. The vinyl side should be in contact with your cushion cover and the plastic should be facing up. Cover your cushion with a tea towel and hold the iron over it, applying medium pressure.

Step 10

Check to see if your design is adhering by gently peeling away the plastic; if it isn’t adhering, apply more heat. Allow the project too cool slightly before doing this.

Step 11

When all of the iron-on has adhered, wait for your project to cool and then carefully remove the plastic carrier sheet. Your project is then complete!

Cricut happiness is homemade cushion cover

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