Cricut: How to Personalise a Mug Using Infusible Ink Sheets
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Cricut: How to Personalise a Mug Using Infusible Ink Sheets

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1 hr +

Personalise a beautiful handmade mug that has a professional finish that’s long-lasting! You’ll be able to craft a motivational mug design in no time using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and the Cricut Mug Press.

You’ll also need a Cricut machine on hand to cut your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. We’ve used the Cricut Maker 3, but the project can be made on any Cricut machine.

Project and instructions by Hobbycraft Artisan Chrissie Ellson.

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Please note: This project contains paid-for content from the Cricut Design Space app. Screen reference images are taken from the desktop version of Design Space.

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

*Cricut Design Space installed on a laptop. PC, Tablet or Mobile Device

Step 1

Open Design Space and click “New Project”

Step 2

Once in a new blank canvas click on “Projects”

Step 3

Search "Mug"

Step 4

Scroll and find the project named “Mug Design Set-up”

Step 5 & 6

Select your correct size of mug and edge finish.  I’ve used “Small Scallop Edge: 12oz/340ml Mug Blank” and then click “Customise”

Step 7 & 8

To add your image click on “Image” and find your required design.  I have used image number #M25EC68CC.  You could also search for it by typing “Believe and achieve” in the search box

Step 9

Once you have got your chosen design click on “Add To Canvas”

Step 10

Resize your image to 2.5” in height

Step 11

Using the red lines as a guide line up your design in to position

Step 12

To create your design on both sides of the mug first duplicate your image

Step 13 & 14

Line up your second image as you did the first

Step 15

As the red mug image and lines are only for guide purposes you can now delete that layer

Step 16 & 17

Once you are happy with your design you will need to attach it all together.  To do this click “Select All” and then “Attach”

Step 18

Now you are ready to “Make It”

Step 19

If you are working with a Maker 3, Explore 3 or a Joy select “On Mat” and then “Done”

Step 20 & 21

You will need to mirror your design so click on the toggle to switch the image to mirrored and then select “Continue”

Step 22

To find your cut setting for your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet click on “Browse All Materials”

Step 23

Search and select “Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets”

Step 24

Apply your sheet to your mat and load your machine

Step 25

Cut your design

Step 26

Weed your design.  You should be able to do this with just your fingers but you might find it useful to use a pair of tweezers

Step 27

Wrap your design around your clean mug (you may want to use a lint roller to make sure it is extra clean and dust free) with your ink sheet facing the mug.  Secure in place with heat resistant tape

Step 28

Place your mug in to your pre-heated Mug Press and close down the lever.  Ensure that the press covers the sides of the design

Step 29 & 30

When the heating process is complete remove your mug from the press and wait for it to cool before removing your design

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