How to Make a Craftmas Reindeer Headband
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How to Make a Craftmas Reindeer Headband

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour
'Tis the season for jolly headpieces! No party during the festive season is complete without one. Why buy one when you can personalise your own? This simple reindeer headband, constructed from card and felt, can be made in under 30 minutes. Leave it plain or adorn it with pom poms and tissue paper to ramp up the Christmas cheer.

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How to make


Fold one piece of card in half, lengthwise. Draw 2 large ears and 2 smaller ears on one side. Fold the other piece of card in half, width wise. Draw antlers on one side. Cut out your shapes. Leave fold intact.


We used light brown and pink felt. Feel free to embrace your inner-rainbow-loving reindeer and use whatever coloured felt you’d like to. Using your cards as templates, cut out the felt required. Fix in place with a hot melt glue gun.


Follow the same process for the antlers. I only covered the front of my headpiece with felt. You can also cover the back pieces with felt, should you so wish.


Lay your headband between the pieces of card, along the folds. Once you are happy with the positioning of ears and antlers, glue the felted front to the back piece of card.


You could leave your headband plain….
Top Tip! Be sure that the glue has dried before putting your headband on.


Or you can glue pom poms along the headband and to the antlers. We scrunched up pieces of tissue paper and glued them to the headband and antlers.

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