How to Make a Grinning Pumpkin Lantern
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How to Make a Grinning Pumpkin Lantern

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1/2 day +

Set the scene with these grinning pumpkin lanterns, they'd look great positioned in windows or out on the door step ready to great trick-or-treaters. Why not have a go at making  other Halloween characters? You could try making spooky mummies with old bandages or strips of muslin and some googly eyes. Remember to never leave a naked flame unattended. Instead why not use battery operated LED Tealights which look just like the real thing.

You will need

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How to make

Top Tip! Make sure to cut the card so that it fits inside of the box frame. A quick way to do this is by using the backing board of the frame as a template.


Cut strips of orange crepe paper, approximately one inch wide.


Remove the lid from the jar and adhere the strips to the jar using Mod Podge glue, overlap the edges as you go to avoid any uncovered sections.


Once the jar is completely dry, cut out two triangles for eyes and a spooky mouth and secure with more of the Mod Podge glue.


Tie a length of green ribbon and twine around the top of the jar to create the lantern handle.

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