How to Make Speckled Easter Eggs
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How to Make Speckled Easter Eggs

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
These speckled Easter eggs are the perfect addition to your Easter decorations. Like so many different birds that lay speckled eggs, create your very own with a contemporary twist of luscious gold speckles. The bright pastel colours and gold compliment each other, adding style and sophistication.

You will need

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How to make

Top Tip!…Using a different colour for each egg will help create an egg-citing juxtaposition!

Step 1

Before you start decorating the surface of the eggs, cover the surface that you are working on as things are about to get messy!



Step 2

Start by painting each egg with a paint of your choice. Allow the first layer of paint to dry before applying a second or even third layer of paint, it all depends on the coverage that you want.

Top Tip!…The key is for the paint to not be too watery or too thick.

Step 3

Prepare the paint that will become the speckles on the surface of the eggs. You will need to use a small bowl or a palette to slightly water down the gold acrylic paint.
Top Tip!…When you are decorating the eggs with the gold paint, find something that you can rest each egg on to stop them from rolling away whilst you are painting.

Step 4

Lavish the surface of the eggs with paint, allowing the paintbrush to soak up plenty of paint so you can flick and splat it onto the eggs. Once you have finished, leave to dry completely.

Step 5

There’s nothing wrong with putting your all your eggs in one basket!

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