How to Make Unicorn Bunny Eggs
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How to Make Unicorn Bunny Eggs

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Unicorns are a huge trend at the moment - and there's no reason why they can't be included within your Easter decorations this year! Take a look at the below tutorial to find out how to easily make these adorable unicorn bunny eggs using our ceramic egg kit.

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How to make


Start by drawing faces onto your eggs. Lightly draw your design in pencil first and go over it using a black sharpie when you are happy with it.


For bunny eggs, draw ear shapes onto a piece of white card using a pencil. Make sure there is enough extra card at the bottom of the ear to fold into a little tab that will be glued to the egg. This will help the cardboard ears stand upright.


Cut out each ear and use an eraser to neaten up any pencil lines. Using a glue gun, stick two ears to the top of each egg. Make sure the folded tab goes at the back of the ear.


For the unicorns’ horns, roll out a long sausage shape of gold Fimo. Once you have a narrow, even shape, continue to roll one end to create a point. Starting from this point, start to turn the horn in your fingers to create a spiral. Keep doing this until it is the right length.


Cook your horn shapes in the oven for the required time. Once they are firm and cooled, glue them to the top of your unicorn eggs using a glue gun.


Using the glue gun, stick your paper flowers to the top of the eggs, around the ears and horns. You can use the flowers to cover up any messy glue!

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