How to Make a Star of David Mobile
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How to Make a Star of David Mobile

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

These colourful, collaged lolly sticks make a beautiful Star of David mobile, a wonderful project to enjoy with little ones in the run up to Hanukkah. We've used coloured sticks to make them really eye-catching, but you could use plain ones and paint them.

This project is a fantastic stash-buster! Decorate the stars with whatever you have to hand – stickers, pom poms or gems are all fantastic for creating this memorable craft.

Project and instructions by Georgia Coote. 

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How to make

Step 1

You need to make two triangles with the wooden lolly sticks. Secure a sticky dot at the top of one lolly stick, then attach another to make a V shape then stick a dot on the two ends which aren’t connected and attach another lolly stick to close the triangle.

Repeat to make another triangle.

Step 2

Place the triangles on top of each other to form the star and then use sticky dots to attcah the two together.

Top Tip: You could use a low heat glue gun to do this in place of sticky dots if you prefer - this MUST be done by an adult

Step 3

Once you have a few stars made up, decorate them in any way you wish, you could use paint, gems, poms poms of whatever you have to hand.

We've used different size stars to add interest and movement.

Step 4

Tie a long piece of string to each end of a length of dowel to make a hanging hook.

Step 5

Thread some string through the stars and then tie them onto the dowel.

Top Tip: For a varied display hang all the stars at different lengths to create a really eye catching mobile.

Step 6

Your mobile is then ready to hang in your home!

Star of David Mobile

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