How to Make a Tudor Crown
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How to Make a Tudor Crown

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour
With the Tudor monarchy ruling the roost, what's more fitting than a crown. Learn how to make a Tudor crown with this fabulous project Skill Level : Intermediate Time to Make : One Hour

You will need

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How to make


Cut all your pieces of card ready to make the crown, you will need a length for the main base, long enough to fit round a head, two strips for the top of the crown and the decoration for the top.


Paint the crown pieces and leave to dry.


Whilst the paint is drying you can decorate the embellishment for the top of the crown. I used different coloured glitters to do this. Paint glue onto the first section you want to cover and pour glitter on, tap off the excess and leave to try, repeat for each colour until complete. To secure the glitter, a light coating of hairspray works well.
Top Tip!…To make fitting the crown easy I used the main patterned crown template for the front and a plain strip for the back so I could adjust the plain strip to size easily.


Attach the plain band of paper to the front of the crown and make sure you’ve adjusted the size. Then glue the two thinner bands across the top of the crown to form the raised section that will cross over in the centre of the crown. Leave a few minutes so the glue can thoroughly dry.
Top Tip!…Don’t worry about being too neat adding the felt to the hat and use plenty of glue! You may find using glue dots as they stick immediately with no drying time.


To fit the felt I found it easiest to use a piece that was far too big, place it inside the crown and play with the position until you are happy. When happy glue a few key areas and leave to dry. When dry glue down the rest of the felt and trim off any excess.
Top Tip!… If the large embellishment for the top of the crown is too heavy after painting and decorating fixing a straw or something similar to the back helps give it extra support.


Glue your made decoration to the top of the crown in the middle where the two thinner bands of card cross over.


Decorate the crown with gems and glitter.

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