How to Make Festive Skittles
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How to Make Festive Skittles

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour
Christmas skittles is the perfect handmade game to keep the kids entertained in the run up to the big day! Little Button Diaries have provided tutorials for a number of festive characters below - are there any more that you can conjure up using craft components available online and in store at Hobbycraft?

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How to make


Begin by making a base for the tube. Draw around one end of a cardboard tube onto card, then draw a slightly larger circle around this. Cut out the larger circle and make snips towards the smaller circle. Fold up to form tabs. Glue the tabs of the lid into the bottom of the tube and leave to dry.


For the face, paint the top third of the tube skin colour and leave to dry.


Cut the red felt – you will need one 7in x 4in piece and one 7in x 2.5in piece. Wrap the larger piece around the tube with the bottom edge of the fabric lined up with the base of the tube, then glue in place. Glue the other piece around the top edge of the tube.


Add 3 tablespoons of rice into the tube to weigh the skittle down.


Add glue around the inside rim of the hat and pinch to glue together. You can wrap an elastic band around the hat whilst the glue dries if you need to.


To finish, cut a beard from white felt and two small square buttons from black felt. Glue them onto Father Christmas along with a pair of googly eyes.


To make the elf, repeat the steps above swapping the white felt beard for a white collar.


For the angel, make two cardboard lids, one for either end of the tube. Glue the bottom one in place, add rice, then glue the top one in. Paint the face and hair. Add a white felt dress and glue a pair of felt wings on the back. Twist a silver pipe cleaner into a halo and poke the end into the back of the head. Twist a silver pipe cleaner around the neck and finish with googly eyes.


For Rudolph, add two lids as above and paint the whole tube brown. Add a red felt scarf, a pom pom nose and googly eyes. Cut a brown pipe cleaner in half and bend into the shape of antlers, then push into the top of the head.


For the snowman, add a lid to the bottom of the tube and paint the whole tube white. Add the rice then glue a black felt hat on as with Father Christmas. Fold and glue a brown pipe cleaner around the back and bend the ends to form hands. Glue on a felt scarf, a pom pom nose, felt buttons and a pair of googly eyes.

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