Three Christmas Cards to Make with your Children
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Three Christmas Cards to Make with your Children

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

If you've got lots of handmade Christmas cards on the to-make list this year, why not get the whole family involved with a helping hand from your mini makers! All three of these Christmas cards are perfect for making with little ones, with grown-ups on hand to add the final finishing touches. 

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How to make

If you’re making more than one card, use the first triangle you cut as a template to create as many triangles as you need.

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Card

Draw a triangle onto a white cardstock and cut out. The size of the triangle should be in proportion to the card blank you are using.

2. Select four different washi tape designs from the a Holly Jolly Christmas papercraft collection. Secure strips of the tape to the triangle cut out in step one, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Continue adhering one strip after another until the triangle is completely covered. 

3. Fold any excess tape to the back of the triangle. Add 3D adhesive foam pads to the reverse of the washi tape tree to give the card dimension once it is fully assembled. 

4. Cut a small dark brown rectangle to use as the tree trunk and fix it to the bottom of the tree.

5. Secure the Christmas tree centrally to the card front, using a glue stick to adhere the tree trunk to the front of the card blank.

6. Add gems (bigger gems work best) to the tree to look like fairy lights, add smaller gems to the remainder of the card front.

7. To complete the card’s design add a gold puffy star to the top of the tree.

Try mixing some of the glitter and sequins into the paint to create a textured effect.

Painted Bauble Aperture Card

1. Take a sheet of heavy-weight white cardstock and start experimenting with paint patches. Experiment with different colours in a random and expressive way to create an abstract design.

2. Sprinkle different colours of glitter and sequins onto the wet paint and leave to dry. If you want to add large areas of glitter and sequins to your design, apply a little craft glue to the area beforehand.

3. Use the window aperture from the card blank to select which section of your painted design you would like to use. Trim the chosen section to fit on the inside of the card blank. Secure in place with a glue stick. 

4. Using glue dots add a few shapes from the spangle mix pack to add a little bit of extra shine to your bauble design. We also added a few gems to the front of the card blank. 

5. Using a black felt tip pen, add a rectangle to the top of the circular aperture along with a straight line up to the top of the card blank, to complete the bauble design.

Potato Print Reindeer Card

1. Choose a nice oval shaped potato that fits your chosen card blank size (older potatoes work best). Cut your chosen potatoes in half and leave to dry, using a paper towel to absorb some of the moisture.

2. Pour brown paint onto a palette, then press the potatoes into the paint, use a paint brush to wipe off any excess paint. Print onto the centre of the card blank and leave to dry.

3. Use a brown felt tip pen to draw antlers and ears onto the head. Secure a red pompom at the base of oval with a little craft glue along with two googly eyes to finish him off the reindeer’s face.

4. Use a felt tip pen to write your festive greeting on a step of white cardstock. Adhere to the card base with adhesive 3D foam pads.

5. Complete the card’s design by adding a gem either end of the festive greeting. 

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