How to Knit a Falling Leaves Cowl
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How to Knit a Falling Leaves Cowl

Difficulty Advanced
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1+ Days

Even in the depths of winter, there are pretty red-brown leaves to be crunched underfoot. This cosy cowl reproduces some of the loveliest leaves that I found on a walk one day…

Create this amazing cowl designed for Knitcraft by Phil from The Twisted Yarn using our 100% wool range from the WI.

You will need

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How to make


sts = stitches                                                                                      k = knit

rnds = rounds                                                                                    p = purl



A chart is provided, comprising half the number of stitches in each round. Work across the chart from right to left twice in order to complete each round, progressing from the bottom of the chart to the top. Written instructions are provided below, but you will need the chart to work the leaf-pattern section.

Trapping Floats


As you’ll see from the chart, there will be some pretty l-o-n-g floats behind the active yarn colour in this pattern. Rather than the conventional method of trapping them as you go, I recommend leaving them (yes, really!) and then trapping floats exceeding 5 stitches as you work the next round, doing so at 5-stitch intervals. To do so, insert your needle as normal, but then also under the float from the previous row, then continue to work your stitch, making sure you pull through the colour from the current row only.



Two colours are used for each round of the leaf design. In this case, the background (cream) remains consistent, but the foreground colour changes. Sometimes a foreground colour only swaps out for one row, then reappears again: in this case, you don’t need to cut your yarn, just leave that colour temporarily and pick it up again when needed. But when you finish with a shade that doesn’t reappear for some time, you’ll need to cut the yarn, and weave in the ends.

How to Knit A Falling Leaves Cowl:


In cream, cast on 176 sts. Insert stitch marker and join in the round, being careful not to twist.


Rnds 1-3: (k2, p2) around, in cream.


Rnds 4-10: (k2 purple, p2 cream) around. Remember to keep your floats at the back of your work. Cut purple.


Rnds 11-13: (k2, p2) around, in cream.


Rounds 14-15: k all stitches, in cream.


Rounds 16-87: Work leaf pattern from chart if you’re not doing so already, beginning at row 16 on the chart and working every round twice from right to left. (Each chart row comprises only half as many stitches as each round of the cowl.) Work upwards on the chart


Rounds 88-89: k all stitches, in cream.


Rounds 90-92: (k2, p2) around.


Rounds 93-99: (k2 red, p2 cream) around. Cut red.


Rounds 100-102: (k2, p2) around, in cream.


Cast off loosely.


Weave in ends. Wash and block. Wear with pride.


I’ve split the chart in half, spread across the following two pages. Remember to start from the bottom (round one, right hand side) and then work upwards, working right to left twice for every round. Just to help orientate you within the two charts, here’s a too-small-to-work-from picture of the overall design:-

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